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Don't hesitate any more! 2019 will be a great year to join smart home. The smart home business is expected to increase from 32 billion in 2015 to more than 78 billion in 2022. How should entrepreneurs choose smart home agents to join

don't hesitate! 2019 will be a great year to join smart home. The smart home business is expected to increase from 32 billion in 2015 to more than 78 billion in 2022

smart home year

from 2016 to 2018, smart home technology emerged. As various products and platforms are struggling to control the home and internal systems, the excitement experienced by owners installing these small devices is contagious. Everyone can command the smart home assistant to manage music players, lighting, security cameras, thermostat control, online shopping, etc. With the improvement of the convenience of smart home devices and the simplification of daily tasks, it becomes easier and easier. Naturally, consumers' instinctive demand for a more complete smart home is also growing

but the owners soon realized that the " Simple "e; It's not that simple. Owners have absorbed their knowledge of smart home platform, and now they are familiar with one touch control as the standard of family life. Proprietary technology makes it almost impossible for ordinary owners to realize the scalability of smart home. Using one device to achieve seamless control, incompatible technology is frustrating. Then firmware and software updates make old devices vulnerable

the smart home boom has driven the demand for local professional smart home installation enterprises to intervene and create a home environment to ensure improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency, security and integration connected to all systems and devices

LVMI aqara smart home is undoubtedly your first choice to join smart home. LVMI's full name is Shenzhen LVMI Lianchuang Technology Co., Ltd. since joining Xiaomi ecological chain in 2014, it has been responsible for product research and development in the direction of Xiaomi smart home, and is one of Xiaomi ecological chain enterprises. At present, LVMI has more than 300 employees, more than half of whom are product and R & D personnel, focusing on the research and promotion of low-power innovative smart home systems

green meter was founded by returnees from the United States. It is currently a well-known domestic provider of smart home and Internet of things solutions. It is also a company that can balance the growth of 2C channel users and the implementation of 2B channel solutions. Green meter's hardware and software system applies advanced AI technology and platform data integration to create a smart life service platform based on interconnected intelligent hardware and centered on big data and value-added services. At present, green rice's solutions have established perfect application solutions in the hotel, real estate, home decoration, office buildings and other market segments, creating a new smart home business model. Since 2015, green rice has received the help of international capital such as Xiaomi, Shunwei, Kaihui, GIC, Gaorong, Lanting, etc. at present, it has achieved balance of payments, ended round B financing, and entered a period of rapid development

in 2015, green rice released its first product, "Xiaomi smart home kit", making the smart home affordable to a few people in the past a mass consumer product that can be used by ordinary people. Within a year, the sales volume has reached one million. Since then, green rice has continuously released more than ten products around the "Xiaomi smart home kit", such as sockets, switches, air conditioning partners, curtain motors, door locks, etc., which have basically met the basic needs of smart home

in 2016, green rice established its own brand aqara with the concept of whole house intelligence, which is interconnected with other Xiaomi ecological chain products. It will provide the ultimate smart home experience and build a green smart building and smart city as the brand vision. It is hoped that it can not only provide a caring smart life for every family, but also contribute to energy conservation and environmental protection

in 2017, green rice announced the establishment of the industry's first 4S service system for smart home, including scheme display, product sales, user service and exchange feedback, to promote the implementation of smart home with services; At the same time, green rice will continue to explore the application of AI technology in the field of smart home products, continue to improve the user experience of smart home, and popularize intelligent life to thousands of households




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