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Speaking of wooden door brand, everyone may have different ideas. But there is one thing in common, that is, products must pass the quality and quality! You can make the wooden door a grade with good taste. You need to have deep industry experience accumulation and connotation precipitation for the wooden door! As a new star in the market industry, tree life wooden door is especially loved by franchisees and consumers! Tree life wooden doors are strictly required in every link from raw material selection to product processing technology to product delivery inspection. The introduction of foreign advanced wood products manufacturing equipment and strict production management methods ensure the perfect quality of each wooden door. All raw materials are selected E0 environmental protection decoration materials, with ultra-high green environmental protection and health standards, so as to realize a natural and healthy life

tree life has a domestic first-class wooden door design research and development center and an active creative team, which can timely and accurately grasp and lead the aesthetic taste of consumers, and grasp the latest trend direction of international home furnishing. The respect for traditional values, the preference for environmental protection materials, the admiration for Seiko quality, and the unity of form and function form a perfect combination of fashion and aestheticism. A variety of artistic elements are integrated into the product design, and the unique modeling language is perfectly reflected in the R & D and manufacturing details of wooden doors

tree ・ life wooden door has become a brand because of its scientific and systematic brand planning, fashionable brand personality, profound and wise brand culture, which is committed to spreading elegant and fashionable life experience, romantic life style and read aesthetic concepts, and the perfect combination of art and human settlement, striving to convey to consumers the feeling of fashionable and simple home. What tree life gives you is no longer a simple wooden door, but a fashion taste derived from life but higher than life

tree ・ life wooden door has been committed to meeting the needs of consumers for fashionable and simple home. Taking nature and not polluting is the best protection for the ecology. Tree ・ life adopts green pure natural wood and is processed by multiple processes, so that the product not only does no harm to human body, but also gives you a natural, healthy and free home environment

the tree ・ living wood door has no density board and is made of high-quality solid wood. It has the advantages of moisture-proof, flame-retardant, detoxification, high hardness, good flatness, strong impact resistance and so on. The environmental protection grade is above E0. It is environmental friendly, non-toxic, and hot pressed at high temperature to ensure that the door panel is not easy to crack and deform

tree ・ life wooden door adopts ecological and natural materials, and returns beauty to every family through craftsmanship. Our solid wood furniture customization is derived from "tree", creating the most fashionable life with the wealth given to us by nature. We advocate "fresh lifestyle", and tree says healthy life. We should advocate living in the same industry with health, closely link products with a healthy, fresh and simple lifestyle, and create a "fresh life" lifestyle, which is green, environmentally friendly and worry free. Life in trees is the most desirable world. Imagine, say goodbye to the sources of pollution in the city, breathe freely in nature, and swim comfortably. Advocate the lifestyle of "fresh life", so that you can embrace nature comfortably at home, be in a green environment, and enjoy the fresh air. Comfortable house combines fashion creativity with green environmental protection, which adds a little sentiment to a relaxed and natural life, taking nature and surpassing nature

perhaps speaking of the wooden door brand, tree life is not so well-known, because our marketing is your reputation, and your praise is the root of our continued growth! Tree life is only a good wooden door in China. Tree says healthy life





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