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In the future, the work of doors and windows will face new changes

no one can say how to understand the future of door and window work, which means that all people need to invent a new future by themselves. At that time, no door and window manufacturer could conclude all the changes and trends of the industrial pattern in the next few years, but there are three basic new changes and trends that can be admitted

first, from the perspective of expansion speed, the whole work has entered the low addition channel, and even the side of the stagflation channel. Although some large manufacturers can still adhere to the double-digit addition, it is difficult to reproduce the situation of previous years with the addition of all work

second, from the perspective of competitive tactics, a single price war, even a way war and a promotion war, are not enough to change and promote the impact of industrial innovation and spending needs. Door and window manufacturers must find and establish new detonating methods

third, from the perspective of spending needs, the appetites of consumers in all shopping malls are more diversified and differentiated, and the boutique strategy of door and window manufacturers will also face new modifications

of course, for all door and window manufacturers, one of the biggest challenges is that all industrial operations have entered the period of "low profits, even meager profits", and many business speculation will be sorted out. The entry threshold is facing new progress. On the surface, the sales scale and sales volume are the dominant threshold; From the perspective of development, operation ability, especially surplus ability, is a hidden new threshold

war from the beginning with a "zero mentality"

transformation and promotion is really not talking about it, but thinking about it in my heart. It is necessary for all door and window manufacturers to fight it out! All door and window manufacturers, no matter big or small, strong or weak, are standing at a new crossroads. Whether they want to go or stay, they need to make a choice quickly. In the next few years, it is doomed that the operation of the door and window industry will not be easy and smooth. Especially for many weak people, it is difficult to support their families if there is a slight difference

in the market environment at that time, some door and window manufacturers also had the initiative to choose. Next, with the deepening and deepening of adjustment and innovation, most manufacturers can go as long as they are selected out. In particular, it will be normal for many manufacturers and retailers who are weak in inductive operation ability to operate shopping malls completely relying on the old methods, forms and ideas of 10 years ago

maybe the work of doors and windows will face three new changes in the future, but the future development status is still unknown. In the process of transformation and promotion, door and window manufacturers really can't just talk and think about it. They need to have their own good mood, invent a new starting point for manufacturers, operate manufacturers with a "zero mentality" at the right time, and win the first opportunity for manufacturers to defeat on the road of development in the future

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