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During the preparation of the moon exploration plan, China may participate in the construction of the moon village. Tian Yulong, Secretary General of the National Space Administration, said recently that China is discussing the possibility of cooperating with international counterparts such as the European Space Agency (ESA) to build an international "moon village"

ESA has announced that it plans to use robots on the moon to start the construction of facilities in the 1920s, and the moon will usher in the first batch of residents in a few years

Jiao Weixin, a professor at the school of earth and Space Sciences of Peking University, said that China's participation in the international construction of the "moon village" shows China's open mind and willingness to create common interests and win-win results for the international community

Jiao Weixin said that the "moon village", a long-term manned scientific research base, is a necessary step in the development of lunar research, because it can greatly improve research capabilities and provide unique conditions to study the moon

Secretary General Tian Yulong also said that the Chang'e 5 lunar probe will complete the task of collecting lunar rock samples by the end of the year, and China will land on the dark side of the moon in 2018

China plans to become an aerospace power with advanced and open aerospace industry and space infrastructure by about 2030

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