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The pursuit of window aestheticism in traditional architectural design often ignores the role of functionality. Even when natural light is regarded as the most instinctive demand, it has actually begun to erode and consume the natural environment. The energy crisis in the 1970s prompted human beings to realize their vulnerability, start to reflect on architecture, re recognize architecture, and seek technical means to improve building components, Discuss how to save resources from the whole process of original resource utilization. For the exterior doors and windows of buildings, the control of thermal insulation, the regulation of ventilation, the restriction of sound insulation and noise reduction, and the adaptability to the outside world need the balance of various factors, which are the key points of architects in the new era

investment in doors and windows is second only to civil engineering in architecture.

doors and windows belong to the peripheral enclosure structure in the construction field. In terms of scale, the area of doors and windows of ordinary residential buildings accounts for 15% of the construction area, and the area of doors and windows of some villa projects accounts for 35% of the construction area. The engineering cost of the project is second only to civil engineering. From the perspective of professional subcontracting in the engineering field, it is also a major item and plays a decisive role in the subcontracting of various disciplines

doors and windows are important means of expression of architecture

architectural style is different due to the constraints of politics, society, economy, building materials and building technology in different times, as well as the influence of architectural design ideas, views and artistic literacy. For example, the architectural style of Gothic architecture, Baroque in the late Renaissance with strange techniques of manipulation, delicate and cumbersome Rococo and other architectural styles. The primary and secondary of ancient architecture in China are distinct. The brick wall and wooden beam structure, cornices, Dougong, caisson and carved beams and painted buildings form a unique Chinese architectural style in China

in all kinds of different architectural styles, doors and windows have become one of the means of expression without exception. For example, Gothic architecture is characterized by towering spires, pointed arches, large windows and stained glass painted with biblical stories. In Chinese ancient buildings, there are many wooden lattices with different meanings on the windows. The common external appearances of the European style characterized by ancient Greek and Roman artistic symbols in the past are pink exterior walls, white lines, through flower railings, floating windowsills and green glass windows. Different architectural styles carry different door and window styles. Similarly, different door and window styles also deduce different architectural styles

doors and windows are an important symbol of the comfortable city of residence

doors and windows introduce the light of the sun that breeds life into the room, resist the invasion of cold wind in cold times, shade and insulate in hot seasons, block wind, rain, dust and new wind, not only broaden the field of vision, but also block private areas, not only prevent external noise, but also do not release indoor sound sources. Doors and windows determine the degree of indoor comfort

when "low carbon" becomes the main theme of society, the energy-saving degree of doors and windows has a more profound impact on the value of residence, but in the energy-saving selection and design of doors and windows, the form selection of doors and windows is as important as the internal matching of the building itself. With the development of new technology and new materials, large-area daylighting windows and landscape windows have become the symbols of modern architecture. The lower the windows are opened, the wider the windows are opened, and the larger the area of a single fan is opened, reducing the proportion of the area occupied by the open fan, meeting the psychological needs of people to obtain an open and transparent space. The result of this trend is that the window to wall ratio is increasing, from the original ratio of about 17 to about 50% now, and even some single-sided window to wall ratios reach 70%. Building energy conservation is required by laws and regulations. The expansion of this proportion must offset the increase in energy consumption by improving the performance level of doors and windows, otherwise the window wall ratio must be reasonably controlled

in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, relevant laws have been formulated for similar issues, such as the guidance and control requirements of the German energy-saving code for specific energy-saving technology systems, including the provisions of the minimum standard insulation value of buildings; Save refrigeration energy consumption in summer; Control the maximum allowable value of heat transfer coefficient of external walls and windows of buildings; Control the air tightness and ventilation rate of the building; It is stipulated that the residence should have a ventilation volume that meets the hygiene and health requirements, and it is required to have sufficient open fan area; It is stipulated that cold bridge structure should be avoided in residential buildings as far as possible. The function of doors and windows and their value in building energy conservation have fully witnessed the weight of doors and windows in indoor comfort and building value

at present, many large cities use medium and high-end heat insulation bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows to buy doors and windows. Why are bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows favored by consumers? Is it really so good

what's good about broken bridge aluminum doors and windows? The main advantages of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are:

1. Good sound insulation: because the broken bridge aluminum material is thick, and its glass is thicker than plastic steel and aluminum alloy glass, the sound insulation of broken bridge aluminum windows is better than that of plastic steel and aluminum alloy doors and windows. The thicker the wall thickness of broken bridge aluminum profile, the greater the middle spacing of its glass, and the better the sound insulation effect

2. Good sealing: the good sealing of the bridge broken aluminum doors and windows is mainly manifested in the casement window or the casement upper suspension window. Because the casement window is used, it has a biting effect, and many sealing strip designs are added between them, making the bridge broken aluminum sealing effect better

3. Good heat preservation and insulation: the bridge breaking aluminum adopts the middle heat insulation strip design to disconnect the two layers of aluminum alloy, so as to achieve the heat insulation effect

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