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The gradual recovery of the machine tool market in the golden period is worth looking forward to.

from the data, we can see that the output of metal cutting machine tools and metal forming machine tools in China has increased, which also shows that the market demand at home and abroad is gradually expanding. Recently, I have often heard a saying from people in the industry that "the company's orders have been arranged until next year, and the factory doesn't even have a prototype." From the perspective of enterprises, this seems to be a very good phenomenon. After all, whether an enterprise develops well, the first thing to see is whether it is profitable and can continue to receive orders, which to a large extent proves the strength of an enterprise. At present, China's economy has changed from the stage of high-speed growth to the stage of high-quality development. It is more and more urgent to change the development mode, optimize the economic structure and change the growth power. This change has also directly affected the machine tool industry

for the current machine tool industry, although the orders of enterprises are continuous, it is necessary to strengthen the research on core technologies in order to achieve sustainable development and stand out in the fierce industry competition. Since the 20th century, the fundamental reason why the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries have maintained the status of manufacturing power for a long time is that they have always taken the lead in core technologies in key fields such as equipment, materials, information, biology and so on. Through long-term efforts, China has gained a firm foothold in the ranks of big manufacturing countries with low sampling rate. However, compared with powerful manufacturing countries, it is inevitable that there is a growing gap in raw material costs and energy costs. In the final analysis, the reason for this gap is the accumulation of insufficient core technologies, which restricts the transformation and upgrading of the machine tool industry

a few days ago, Miao Wei, Secretary of the party leading group and Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, wrote an article in seeking truth, "strengthening core technology research to promote high-quality development of manufacturing industry", discussing the significance of strengthening core technology research, the constraints of core technology innovation and breakthrough, and the policy focus of core technology research. In particular, the article points out that in order to win market competition and rejuvenate the vitality of traditional industries, it is necessary to significantly improve labor productivity and product added value and constantly move forward to the medium and high-end level by strengthening the high-end transformation of key technologies and advanced processes and the innovation of relevant processes, products and modes

in the past, China Zhongwang only provided aluminum extrusions for automobile manufacturing enterprises to continuously improve their innovation ability. Many problems need to be solved.

China's current machine tool level still ranks in the third camp in the world. As a developing country, modern industry started late, accumulated little and had a weak foundation. These are our obvious weaknesses. If we want to be in the forefront of the world machine tool industry, we must continue to promote technological innovation and industrial innovation. In order to master more of the core technologies that were later wantonly cut down global forest resources, China has also made a lot of efforts over the years. However, the key technologies can not be solved overnight. It requires time accumulation and the painstaking efforts of countless technical personnel

nowadays, China is also restricted by many factors in tackling key technical problems, such as insufficient support for basic research, insufficient supply of key common technologies, inadequate collaborative innovation between industry, University, research and application, and increasingly prominent constraints on innovative talents

in terms of investment in basic research, although China has continued to increase efforts in recent years, it still shows the characteristics of weak original innovation ability and obvious weakness in basic research. For a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in China, low willingness, low investment and weak ability in basic research are important reasons that restrict their development. This situation is reflected in the entire manufacturing industry, which leads to insufficient motivation, slow progress and poor results in tackling key core technologies

the lack of collaborative innovation between industry, University and research and the shortage of innovative talents engaged in research and development of core technologies still exist. These problems need not only overnight, but also the cooperation and concerted efforts of the whole industry to get effective solutions

it is worth looking forward to grasping the market prospect in the golden period of industry development.

the development road of China's machine tool industry has never been smooth, but we have never stopped moving forward for so many years. Looking back on the past and comparing with the present, we have made great progress. Although we are not complacent enough, we can not belittle ourselves. As the saying goes, "a soldier who doesn't want to be a general is not a good soldier". If you want to achieve your ideal, you must first have an ideal

at present, the machine tool industry is in a golden period of development, and the whole industry must seize this rare historical opportunity to stimulate and cultivate emerging industries through innovation and breakthrough in core technologies, give play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, base on the present and focus on the future, and jointly complete the transformation and upgrading of the machine tool industry through the joint cooperation of the market, enterprises, government, education and other aspects, Launch a sprint towards the goal of building a powerful country

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