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The good news of tax reduction for printing equipment stimulated the electronic supervision code industry to prosper again.

in view of the guiding idea that the printing industry should actively develop and apply new technologies, the China printing and Equipment Industry Association put forward several suggestions to the national competent tax authorities on reducing the import tariffs of key components required for digital printing machines, piezoelectric inkjet heads and high-end printing machines in 2011. It was deliberated and adopted at the 6th plenary meeting of the Tariff Commission of the State Council and submitted to the State Council for approval. The tariff implementation plan for 2011 was officially implemented on January 1, 2011. The new tariff plan adjusts some tariff items. After adjustment, the total number of tariff items in China's import and export tariff (2011 version) is 7977. Including: for inkjet printing equipment with a width of more than 60cm (which can be connected to the network or automatic data processing equipment), the provisional tax rate in 2011 was adjusted from 8% to 3% to support the interconnection with the enterprise (Laboratory) integrated information management network; The provisional tax rate of piezoelectric inkjet head is adjusted from 6% to 3%

at present, digital inkjet equipment has the characteristics of flexible configuration and wide application range, which is suitable for industrial production. Mainstream ink-jet equipment can be divided into oil-based ink-jet equipment, water-based ink-jet equipment and UV ink-jet equipment. It has been proved by practice that UV ink-jet materials can be sprayed and printed. After UV curing, the bar code is firmly attached, water-resistant and scratch resistant, and the bar code level is more guaranteed. Adopting digital ink-jet technology is the best solution to solve the implementation of electronic supervision in automobile, electronics, machinery, large complete sets of equipment and other industries. Therefore, this tax cut is not only good news for digital inkjet equipment, but also will stimulate the prosperity of the electronic regulatory code industry again

in order to ensure the safety of people's drug use, the State Food and Drug Administration began to implement electronic supervision on 307 kinds of essential drugs from April 1, 2011. Give each drug its own new label. To this end, the State Food and drug administration has specially issued two government documents, namely, the notice on the main work arrangements for deepening the reform of the medical and health system in 2012 and the notice on the work plan for the electronic supervision of drugs in 2012, defining the overall task of the electronic supervision of drugs in 2012. The implementation of drug electronic supervision code is an important measure taken by the Chinese government to continuously improve and innovate the supervision of the food and drug supervision system. It helps to establish a drug traceability system, prevent fake and inferior drugs from flowing into formal channels, and truly realize the whole process supervision of the production, circulation and use of drugs. It is understood that the 2013 China International color box exhibition, which will be grandly opened at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Houjie, Dongguan in August, 2013, will respond to the policies of relevant national departments and the urgent needs of the market, and set up a special area for electronic supervision codes to provide more practical technical guidance and more pioneering market opportunities for many color printing and color box enterprises producing cosmetics, food, tobacco, alcohol, television, etc. to enter the field of new medicine bags. At present, the zone has gathered 3 well-known suppliers of electronic supervision code solutions, including Kodak, Dragan, Jieming, XinJianLong, Suntech, Hangzhou kangdexin, Shanghai Lianyang technology, Shanghao, Xinqi, Shanhe, Fuyuan, and brought the latest electronic supervision code technology and production solutions. In addition, this year, the electronic supervision code development forum and seminar will be held to invite industry authoritative experts to analyze industry policies, share enterprise development experience, and guide the market hot spots and trends of the pharmaceutical packaging and printing industry. It is believed that the 2013 China International color box exhibition will not only help promote the national food and drug quality supervision and safety management, but also build an efficient trade and information platform for drug supervision code equipment suppliers and color box printing plants

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