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There are special enterprises for recycling waste glass, and the government will give subsidies.

waste glass and plastic waste were always discarded by residents in the garbage cans of the community because of their low value, which also caused a lot of inconvenience to sanitation workers. Starting this year, enterprises supported by the Shanghai municipal government will purchase such low-value recyclable wastes. Yesterday afternoon, at the venue of the Municipal People's Congress, tangjiafu, chief engineer of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of greening and urban appearance, revealed that this work will be an important measure to promote the classification of domestic waste this year. At present, there are complete designs in terms of technical solutions, social mobilization, policy system and so on

2. It is reported that the relevant departments in Shanghai have formed a set of technical system and formulated corresponding supporting policies for the system focusing on waste reduction, recycling, harmless, classified delivery, classified collection, classified transportation and classified treatment. Tang Jiafu said that waste classification is not for government departments to see, nor does it mean that it will be finished today. This is something everyone should do every day and needs to be mobilized by the whole people. For example, community volunteers, neighborhood committees and property management should be mobilized. Specific to each resident, there are only a few things he can do in his or her home every day: first, sell what can be sold for money and recycled; Secondly, hazardous wastes are put separately, such as lamp tubes and batteries; After the global high-speed railway enters the high-speed development period, plastic materials have a business opportunity, that is, the separation of dry and wet garbage

Tang Jiafu said that this year, each district of Shanghai should have a core enterprise for the acquisition of recyclable waste, and each district must select one. The enterprise designated by the government can purchase the low-value usable waste on the basis of the bottom, and other enterprises can also compete in the market. For example, for high value-added products such as used refrigerators and washing machines, when someone comes to the door for recycling, the residents will sell annealed seamless steel pipes with a wall thickness of less than 13mm to anyone they are willing to sell; If no one wants the broken glass, what should we do? The government backed enterprises will have to recycle it. The two mechanisms of market competition and government support are integrated. "These designated enterprises recycle low-value recyclable waste, and the government gives subsidies. In this way, some people repair the value chain, connect the material chain, and finally form an industry."

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