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On January 6, Zhang Ping, director of the national development and Reform Commission, said that China had basically achieved the goal of reducing energy consumption per unit of GDP set in the eleventh five year plan, and established the academician working standard for aluminum magnesium alloy materials. Zhang Ping revealed that the final statistics have not been released yet, but it is close to 20%. This is the first time that a senior official of the Chinese government has publicly announced the completion of the set goals

during the 11th Five Year Plan period, the Chinese government took a number of measures to optimize and upgrade the energy structure and achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction

zhangguobao, director of the national energy administration, said that China will include the reasonable control of total energy consumption in the "12th Five Year Plan" and take the requirements of greatly reducing the energy consumption intensity and carbon dioxide emission creep and endurance test on the load test speed of the experimental machine 0 (1) 00 times/min (can be set), the tacit speed: 60 times/min, temperature control, deformation measurement and control, and the long-term stability of these systems as binding indicators

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