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Environmental protection verification site of Southwest mining area: the global vanadium and titanium center was investigated and punished

environmental protection verification site of Southwest mining area: the global vanadium and titanium center was investigated and punished

June 1, 2007

[China paint information] in the morning of May 25, Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province was different from usual

it has rained for several days. Standing in Panzhihua vanadium and Titanium Industrial Park on the North Bank of Jinsha River, it is difficult to see the smog that usually pervades the four fields, and the pungent smell of smelting and chemical industry is no longer so strong. All around are barren and scorched mountains. According to the local driver, there are no trees on these mountains all year round, and the mountains are full of mines

On May 14, Ma Ning, the director of the southwest supervision center of the State Environmental Protection Administration, rushed here. Yang Weimin, the deputy director, rushed to Panzhihua Environmental Protection Bureau overnight to organize people. A temporary on-site inspection team conducted a six-day environmental inspection in Panzhihua

the vanadium and Titanium Industrial Park is located on a barren mountain. The park is about 3 kilometers away from the Jinsha River, and the settled enterprises extend to the mountains one by one. However, the plant area is a little deserted in the mountains. According to the staff of the park, two enterprises have been completely closed down, and about ten other enterprises have been partially closed down

renovation of vanadium and titanium industrial center

this is a "key industrial park in Sichuan Province" with a developed area of 8.5 square kilometers, about 30 kilometers away from Panzhihua City. In January2006, "Sichuan Panzhihua vanadium and Titanium Industrial Park" passed the review of the national development and Reform Commission and became one of the three "ten billion yuan parks" focused on development in Sichuan Province

in April, 2007, the Sichuan provincial Party committee and government decided to build a "world vanadium and titanium industry center" in Panxi, which is rich in ore reserves. In the whole Sichuan Province, vanadium resources account for 52% of the total reserves in China and 11.6% of the total reserves in the world; Titanium resources account for about 90% of the total reserves in China and 25% of the total reserves in the world. By the end of April, the park has completed a fixed asset investment of 3.158 billion yuan, 48 industrial enterprises have entered the park, and the total agreed investment is 6.01 billion yuan. The park plans to achieve sales revenue of 15billion yuan and industrial added value of 5billion yuan by 2010, focusing on the development of five major industries: vanadium and titanium, chemical industry, nonferrous metals, iron and steel, and electric metallurgy

On the 16th, the southwest supervision group conducted spot checks on four companies in the park, including Sichuan Zhuoyue Investment Co., Ltd., Panzhihua Xingzhong Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., Sichuan investment Chemical Co., Ltd., yellow phosphorus plant of Sichuan investment Chemical Co., Ltd., and Panzhihua Yiyuan Chemical Co., Ltd

Sichuan Zhuoyue Vanadium Titanium Co., Ltd. is about 300 meters away from Madian River in the upper reaches of Jinsha River. The production wastewater treatment facilities of the company's vanadium pentoxide branch have no water discharge. Under the cover of the shaft a few meters away from the facilities, two streams of black sewage directly lead to Madian river through the sewage pipeline. Zhang Yongjun, the head of the plant, admitted that neither of the two streams of water had ever been treated in sewage treatment facilities

the ferrous sulfate slag produced in the production process of the titanium dioxide branch, which is also an excellent vanadium and titanium plant, is stacked in the open air. According to Ma Ning, ferrous sulfate slag is a corrosive hazardous waste. Some of the sewage seeped out after rain seeps into the ground, and the other part is discharged into Madian river through the rainwater ditch

5 according to the national 1035 new energy vehicle plan for 2020, on the afternoon of May 18, the inspection team conducted another surprise inspection on the titanium dioxide branch, and found that the branch was still in production, and some of the sewage seeped out from ferrous sulfate slag flowed into the flood discharge ditch of the vanadium titanium Industrial Park, resulting in a pH value of 3.3 units in the flood discharge ditch, exceeding the standard by 2.7 units

at the same time, the titanium dioxide plant of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in Panzhihua, sold ferrous sulfate slag to Levin recycling business department without hazardous waste business license. The operation Department randomly stockpiled ferrous sulfate slag in the open air before use, causing serious water pollution

"such pollution behaviors must be stopped immediately. Zhuoyue investment and another Panzhihua Xingzhong Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. have been shut down for investigation, otherwise it will have a serious impact on the water quality of the entire Jinsha River Basin." Ma Ning said. It is understood that at present, there are 47 construction projects in the park, including 31 projects that were built before environmental assessment and approval, accounting for 66.9% of the total projects in the park, and 18 projects that were put into trial production without approval, accounting for 66.7% of the total projects that have been put into production in the park; There were 11 projects that failed to carry out environmental protection completion acceptance within the time limit, accounting for 73.3% of the total number of expired pilot projects in the park

From the 16th to the 20th, the temporary inspection team inspected 4 industrial parks in Panzhihua City (Panzhihua vanadium and Titanium Industrial Park, Geliping private economic entrepreneurship in the West District of Panzhihua City, Gaoliangping industrial community in Yinjiang Town, the East District of Panzhihua City, and Anning industrial concentration point in Yanbian County of Panzhihua City) and 14 enterprises (2 inspections of 3 enterprises), including 9 in 2 industrial parks; The electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine is a high-precision experimental instrument combining light, machinery and electricity. The enterprise has conducted 109 on-site sampling and monitoring, consulted 1336 environmental monitoring reports, environmental monitoring statements, on-site monitoring records, administrative punishment files, sewage charge files and other data, and conducted on-site sampling and monitoring

according to Ma Ning, among the 4 industrial parks sampled, 43 projects were built before approval, accounting for 44.8% of the total projects; 36 projects were put into production without approval, accounting for 60% of the total projects that have been put into production and have the advantages of many different foaming materials; 21 projects that have not completed environmental protection acceptance within the time limit, accounting for 56.8% of the total projects that have expired in pilot production. In addition, on-site sampling monitoring was carried out for 5 enterprises with discharged sewage, and the result showed that the over standard rate was 100%. As of may15,2007, a total of 7 units have not completed the deadline treatment tasks assigned by the provincial and municipal levels. Among them, four chemical enterprises are less than 3 kilometers away from the Jinsha River, and none of them has built accident emergency collection tanks as required

"I admit that in this inspection, our regulatory authorities really have an unshirkable responsibility." Liufuzhong, director of Panzhihua Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, said again and again in an exclusive interview

according to the data, the industrial parks of Panzhihua City have been listed as the key objects in the special law enforcement action for environmental protection in 2006, but the phenomenon of environmental impact assessment and "three Simultaneities" is common in the construction projects of industrial parks, and the local environmental protection departments have not investigated and dealt with according to law

in Panzhihua Vanadium Titanium Industrial Park, the park management committee has set up "one office and four bureaus", but there is no environmental protection management structure. The person in charge of the Management Committee believes that he does not know anything about environmental protection. They all act in accordance with the procedures and provide all kinds of services to enterprises stationed in the industrial park

the environmental supervision department of the industrial park is Panzhihua Environmental Protection Bureau located in the urban area, and the environmental protection inspection of the park is carried out by the Supervision Detachment under the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau

according to a director of the southwest supervision center, during the investigation, it was found that 22 enterprises in these parks had never paid the pollution discharge fee. Because they were all high energy consuming industries, the environmental protection investment accounted for a high proportion of the enterprise's plant construction investment, which caused many vanadium and titanium enterprises to be reluctant to enter the park, bringing difficulties to the investment attraction of the industrial park

in Panzhihua City, there are more than 500 vanadium and titanium production enterprises of different sizes, while less than 60 vanadium and titanium production enterprises have been built in the four industrial parks so far. According to the regulations, the enterprise must first go through the environmental assessment approval and the "three Simultaneities" (the introduction of investment enterprises need to build plants at the same time, support environmental protection equipment, and operate the environmental protection equipment at the same time when the enterprise is put into operation). After passing the acceptance, the trial production period also needs a series of inspection and acceptance. It takes nearly a year before and after that, which undoubtedly restricts the rapid production of the enterprise

"the deeper reason for this environmental protection problem comes from the 'local policy' of the municipal government in attracting investment, which promises to the investment enterprises that they will not inspect casually, that they will not have to pay pollution charges, that they can build while approving, etc. the enterprises that cause environmental pollution also adopt a tacit attitude. In this case, the enterprises that enter the park omit supporting environmental protection facilities when they invest in and build production lines, and that they will not use them even if they are equipped with corresponding facilities." The director said

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