The global UVLED market will reach 35 in 2020

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In 2020, the global UV LED market will reach 3.55 billion yuan

uv led generally divides UV into three bands a, B and C according to different wavelengths, with different specific applications. At present, UVA led and UVC LED are in great demand in the market. The typical applications of UVA band are UV curing and UV ink-jet printing, which are widely used in printing, packaging, advertising, building materials, decoration, electronics, home appliances, optical fiber, automobile and other industries. UVC band products are mainly used for sterilization and disinfection of water and air

in 2018, with the increasingly fierce competition in the LED market, many packaging and chip manufacturers will gradually accelerate their transition to the LED niche market, such as higher permeability, better heat resistance and excellent mechanical properties. As a new market with broad market prospects, UV LED has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign enterprises. However, at present, the major global UV LED market participants are mainly European, American, Japanese and Korean enterprises, and the representative enterprises include Cristal is, Nichia Jizhuang, LG Innotek, Seoul, etc. domestic participating enterprises include San'an optoelectronics, Qingdao Jiesheng, Hongli Bingyi, etc

on October 10, 2013, China signed the Minamata convention, which made it clear that the corresponding mercury added products should be eliminated from production, import and export in most places by 2020. With the maturity of UV LED technology, the decline of cost and the impact of policies, the trend of UV LED replacing mercury lamp is becoming more and more obvious in recent years, before the development of such new molding materials. According to the data of LED Research Institute of advanced industry and Research (GGII), the growth rate of global UV LED device market will reach 46% in 2018. With the maturity of UV LED technology and the decline of UV LED device prices, the penetration rate of UV LED will continue to increase. GGII expects that the global UV LED market will reach 3.55 billion yuan in 2020 with a wide range of adjustment

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