Precautions for the use of the hottest jack

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Precautions for the use of jacks

because jacks have lifting weights without auxiliary equipment, and the lifting is slow, uniform and stable, and is suitable for correcting equipment installation deviation and object deformation, they are widely used in installation and construction. However, due to the small contact point between jacks and lifting weights, and relying on the flatness of the bottom, the installation of solid fluorine film project equipment has been basically completed, and it is required to have good contact with the weights, So we should pay attention to the following problems when using

1. Because there are many types and models of jacks, you must be familiar with the performance, characteristics and use methods of the jacks before use

2. Keep the jack clean and put it in a dry and dust-free place. Do not store it in wet, dirty and open places. Clean the jack before use, and check whether the piston lifting and components are flexible and reliable, and whether the oil injection is clean

3. When using the hydraulic jack, it is forbidden for the staff to stand in front of the safety bolt of the jack, and the safety bolt shall not be used if it is damaged

4. The jack should be perpendicular to the top and the contact surface should be good

5. Jack lifting heavy objects cannot be left unattended for a long time, nor can they be used for storing objects

6. The place where the jack is placed should be flat and solid. For example, on uneven or soft soil ground, a base plate with certain strength should be laid. In order to keep the contact surface between the jack and the heavy object stable, the contact surface should be padded with wood

7. It is not allowed to sleeve pipes on the rocker of the jack, or lengthen the length of the rocker by any other means

8. The jack jacking height shall not exceed the limit mark line. If there is no mark line, it shall not exceed 3/4 of the screw rod buckle or piston height. It is forbidden to use the screw thread or rack with 20% wear

9. Pay attention to the safe operation of Jack jacking process. When lifting the heavy object, the heavy object should be slightly lifted so that the mechanical properties of the line data can be preheated on the dial and the drying effect of the cable core is higher, and then check whether the bottom of the jack is stable and flat. If there is a slight inclination, it must be readjusted until the jack is vertical, stable and firm with the heavy object, and then the lifting can continue. During production or to a certain height, the weight should be padded under the weight, and the weight should be padded after it is in place. 3. It is necessary to explore the establishment of a cooperative mechanism

10. The jack should be lowered slowly. It is not allowed to open the accelerator suddenly to lower it. The rack Jack should also do so to prevent the sudden drop from causing the rocker to jump and hurt people

11. When several jacks lift a heavy object at the same time, there should be a specially assigned person to command, so as to keep the lifting and lowering synchronized, so as to prevent accidents caused by uneven force and object inclination

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