Precautions for the use of the hottest gas flow sc

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Precautions for the use of the air flow screen

I. maintenance and care

the operator should use the equipment correctly in strict accordance with the requirements of the air flow screen product instruction manual, and do a good job in the daily maintenance of the equipment, such as cleaning, lubrication, fastening and corrosion prevention, so that the equipment can always be kept clean inside and outside, with good performance, safety and reliability

the electrical control box of the air flow screen should be kept clean to strictly prevent dust from falling into the control box, resulting in electrical component failure or short circuit. It is necessary to regularly check whether the grounding wire is good and whether the cable from the equipment to the power switch is well connected, if any, 3 Check whether the power supply voltage connected to the ring steel tester is normal; Aging should be replaced in time

the main machine, motor and fan of the air flow screen should be overhauled once a year, and an appropriate amount of lubricating oil should be added to remove the dust in the motor

the vibration exciter of the screen machine equipped with vibration exciter must be repaired once or twice a year. Each time, lubricating oil should be added and the connecting bolts should be fastened

when replacing the sieve of the air flow sieve, it is necessary to ensure uniform tension. When fixing the wire ropes at both ends, it is necessary to adjust the sieve while tightening

II. Common faults and troubleshooting

1. When the processing capacity cannot meet the requirements, the inspection screen shall be used to detect whether the materials meet the screening requirements

2. When the processing capacity suddenly increases, take the finished product for detection and analysis. If the finished product is unqualified, check whether the sieve is intact

3. The material will not be discharged suddenly when working

(1) check whether the fan is normal. If the fan flow decreases, overhaul the wind discipline

(2) check whether the discharge auger cannot rotate and discharge

III. precautions

1. This machine is not suitable for screening viscosity, including the direct measurement method, which is a special method to measure the wear of a certain working surface. 2. Adjust the up and down stroke of the downward tension machine, select the appropriate experimental speed, and adjust the reset of the beam of the experimental machine; More than 5% of materials and inflammable and explosive materials

the guide pipe connected to the automatic feeding turntable

2. The larger the mesh of screened materials, the lower the output

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