Precautions for the use of thermal power lock

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Precautions for the use of electric lock

as an electric lock product supporting the access control and intercom of intelligent buildings, it must be used in close cooperation with the performance, requirements and characteristics of the access control and intercom system. Generally, the following points must be paid attention to:

1 Wiring mode

many electric locks have many other connections besides the power interface line, among which the lock status line and door status line should be paid special attention. The lock status line can provide the closing information of the lock, and connect with the digital input of the access control system. Through in-depth research on the 1-type gear pump extruder, the port linkage can check the closing status of the lock in real time. The connection of door state can well replace the problem of installing door magnet, reduce the installation cost, improve the efficiency of the system, and better ensure the beauty of architectural decoration

2. Opening and closing delay setting

many electric locks have special delay setting jumpers or code dialing devices on them, which can set the delay time of electric locks, but most access control and intercom systems also have delay setting function, so the delay setting must be comprehensively considered when installing electric locks

3. Electric lock power supply

there are many kinds of electric locks, and there will be some differences in the current and voltage required. Moreover, each access control controller will manage a large number of electric locks. At present, many middle and low-end access control products will directly supply power to the electric lock. The author believes that this practice is not worth recommending. First, the power configuration of the access control controller is often based on the load of the controller itself. If the electric lock is driven again, It may cause the controller to work unstable or even damaged; Secondly, the distance between the electric lock and the access control controller is also uncertain. Long distance power supply may also lead to the abnormal operation of the electric lock workers, which is not what we want to see; Third, the frequent opening and closing of the electric lock in the process of use may lead to the instability of the current and voltage. If the power is directly supplied by the controller, the fluctuation of the current and voltage may lead to the damage of the controller. This loss is unforgivable regardless of the equipment value or the security level. It is suggested that regardless of the size of the system, in addition to the innovation of graphene technology, the electric lock power supply must be configured separately, and today's forum still has a rich agenda for the speakers to interact and discuss with the audience. Regardless of the control mode of access control and intercom system, it is recommended to adopt relay isolation mode for the electric lock opening and closing control to ensure the complete isolation between the electric lock current and the control host current to the greatest extent

4. Additional equipment

electric lock is best used with additional equipment, especially door magnet. Especially in the access control system, the electric lock can only control the opening and closing of the door. If the electric lock has no feedback signal line, the opening and closing status of the door cannot be observed in the management software at this time, so when the electric lock is not connected with the feedback signal line, it is best to use it together with the door magnet

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