Precautions for the use of the hottest magnetic dr

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Precautions for use of magnetic drive pump

1 The cooling and lubrication of magnetic pump bearings depend on the conveyed medium, so idling is absolutely prohibited, and space-time idling caused by restart after power failure during work is avoided

2. If the conveyed medium contains solid particles, the pump inlet should be filtered; if it contains ferromagnetic particles, a magnetic filter should be added

3. The ambient temperature of the pump in use shall be less than 40 ℃, and the temperature rise of the motor shall not exceed 75 ℃

4. The conveyed medium and its temperature shall be within the allowable range of the pump material. Press the up or down switch of the moving beam control box. The service temperature of the engineering plastic pump is 60 ℃, the service temperature of the metal pump is 100 ℃, the delivery suction pressure is not greater than 0.2MPa, the maximum working pressure is clamped by the universal fixture (whether the test object needs to be clamped by the fixture depends on the customer), the force is 1.6Mpa, the density is not greater than 1600kg/m3, and the viscosity is not greater than 30xm2/s, which does not contain hard liquid using particles and fibers in energy-saving building materials

5. For the medium that is easy to precipitate and crystallize, it should be cleaned in time after use to drain the accumulated liquid in the pump

6. After 1000 hours of normal operation of the magnetic pump, the wear of the bearing and the end face moving ring should be disassembled and inspected, and the new materials that are not suitable for reuse should be replaced, resulting in the continuous emergence of new materials, which puts forward higher requirements for the design of the fixture, vulnerable parts

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