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Precautions for the use of Yaohua electronic scales

electronic scales can be seen everywhere in our life. With the continuous development of modern science and technology, electronic scales meet and solve the requirements of rapid, continuous, automatic and accurate weighing in our real life, and effectively reduce human errors. The electronic scale is composed of precise sensing components and microcomputer circuits. Correct use and maintenance is the only way to maintain the accuracy of the electronic scale! The following mainly introduces the precautions for the use of Yaohua electronic scale

1. In order to maintain the accuracy of the scale, it should be calibrated at least once a year. The calibration method can be entrusted to a reputable scale store, laboratory or government to inspect the cutting resistant gloves containing 3 layers of elastic fabric. If it is used in the factory, a set of standard weights suitable for itself and qualified in inspection can also be purchased for regular calibration

2. If the electronic scale is not used for a long time, the machine must be wiped clean, put the desiccant into a plastic bag, take out the dry battery if it is used, and charge it every three months to ensure its service life

3. The battery equipped with the electronic scale is a battery that can charge adult toothbrush neck bending force ≥ 43n or continuously within the deformation limit. Its capacity is limited. When it is not used for a long time or the indication of under power is displayed during work, the battery should be charged in time to avoid excessive discharge of the battery and affect the service life of the battery

4. When the power supply is turned on by sending the angular displacement signal to the computer for data processing, do not put the items on the scale plate. Heat up the machine for more than 15 minutes before using, and the high-precision scale must last longer

5. It is strictly forbidden to rain or wash the Yaohua electronic scale with water. If you accidentally touch water, wipe it with a dry cloth. When the machine function is abnormal, send it for repair as soon as possible

6. Do not place it in places with high temperature and humidity, except for special waterproof and anti-corrosion scales. Do not let cockroaches or small creatures invade the machine to avoid damage

7. Electronic scales are precision instruments. It is recommended that users specify necessary management systems, implement special personnel, special management and special use, establish necessary use and maintenance records, and store them at fixed points without drugs for a long time, moisture-proof, dust-proof and sunscreen

8. Please place the electronic scale on a stable and flat desktop or ground for use, not on a table or bench with unstable vibration, and avoid placing it in a place with excessive temperature changes or violent air flow, such as direct sunlight or cold air outlet. Use an independent power supply so that the socket can avoid interference from other electrical appliances. Adjust the adjusting foot of the electronic scale so that the scale is stable and the bubble in the level is in the center of the circle.

9. The normal use process of the electronic scale, Do not disassemble the components on the electronic scale at will, let alone the sensors and integrated circuits on the circuit board. Necessary maintenance must be carried out by relevant technicians to prevent the failure from expanding

note: it is strongly recommended that the lead-acid battery of Yaohua electronic scale should be recharged at least once a month

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