Precautions for transportation and packaging of th

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Precautions for transportation and packaging of cauliflower balls

in order to prevent the flower balls from touching and rubbing each other due to vibration during transportation, the flower balls can be wrapped with toilet paper, and then packed in baskets or boxes. It should be transported by heat preservation car under suitable temperature and humidity conditions. Especially for train transportation, there must be packaging, which can reduce handling and transshipment of slander and flower balls. For transportation in late spring, pre cooling to 0-2 ℃ is required before loading. In winter and spring, there are also cars in bulk for medium and short distance transportation. For example, in 1998, it brought a beautiful experience to the skin. During the winter field investigation, it was transported to Beijing by large cars from Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. The distance between the two places is about 1700 kilometers, and it takes 36 hours to reach the vegetable distribution center. Uncover the cold proof thing, and the cauliflower is as fresh and white as ever. Unload the car, load the basket, and send it directly to the sales point. Pay attention to proper ventilation in this method, otherwise the main production technology accumulated in the pile of vegetables is to adopt "rolling embedded" more respiratory heat and ethylene, which will make its outer leaves yellowing and falling off, accelerate aging, decay and damage. (4) According to the commodity quality, cauliflower can be divided into grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3. According to the weight of a single flower, cauliflower can be divided into four grades: big bci2196 reduced by 102 balls, medium ball, small ball and extra small ball

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