Precautions for the use of the hottest freeze drye

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Precautions for use of freeze dryer

1 turn on the main power switch on the left side of the chassis, and the air pressure digital display is atmospheric pressure 110pk

2 press and hold the general open key on the control panel for more than three seconds, and the temperature digital display is the actual temperature established by more factories in the future

3 start the refrigerator and precool for more than 30 minutes

4 put the sample into the sample rack, cover the plexiglass cover, and start the vacuum pump

5 after the pressure digital display is stable, record the temperature and pressure values

1 record the temperature and air pressure values before shutdown

2 press and hold the inflation valve on the control panel, and immediately turn off the vacuum pump

3 when the pressure digital display is atmospheric pressure, open the plexiglass cover and take out the sample

4 turn off the refrigerator, press and hold the main on key for more than three seconds, and finally turn off the main power switch

5 after the ice in the cold trap is completely turned into water, open the chassis, roll up the recording paper only when necessary, drain the water from the water outlet valve on the left, clean the inner wall of the cold trap with a dry cloth, and cover with a large piece of filter paper to prevent dust

1 the surface area of the prepared sample should be expanded as much as possible, and it should not contain acid-base substances and volatile organic solvents

2 the sample must be completely frozen into ice. If there is residual liquid, it will cause gasification spray

3 note that the cold trap is about 65 degrees below zero, which can be used as a low-temperature refrigerator, but you must wear insulating gloves to prevent frostbite

4 before starting the vacuum pump, check whether the water outlet valve is tightened, whether the inflation valve is closed, and whether the contact surface between the plexiglass cover and the rubber ring is clean, free of dirt, and well sealed

5 generally, the machine shall not be used continuously for more than 48 hours

6 during the freezing process, the temperature of the sample gradually decreases. You can take out the sample on the basis of different fixtures and warm it up for a period of time after adjusting the counterweight (still in the frozen state), and continue to dry, so as to shorten the drying time

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