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The complete set of technology for melamine special resin and foam was successfully developed.

yesterday, it was learned from Chengdu Organic Chemistry Co., Ltd. of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that the development of 1000 ton soft melamine special resin and foam, a Sichuan Science and technology support plan project completed by the company, passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements organized by the Department of science and technology of Sichuan Province last week. On the basis of kiloton technology, the 100000 cubic meters/year melamine foam industrial production plant developed by the company in cooperation with Chengdu Yulong Chemical Co., Ltd. has been successfully put into operation. The melamine foam products produced have stable performance, and the main performance indicators have reached the indicators of Basotect, a similar product of BASF company. This shows that the complete set of process technology has reached the international advanced level

researcher Wang Gongying, Secretary of the Party committee and director of the technical committee of Chengdu Organic Chemistry Co., Ltd. of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told that the production capacity of melamine in China has reached 2.3 million tons/year, accounting for more than 50% of the world's total production capacity, but the operating rate is only about 50%. Melamine foam has high added value. Its promotion and application is of great significance to expand the melamine industry chain and promote the transformation and upgrading of the melamine industry

Wang Gongying said that Chengdu Organic Chemistry Co., Ltd. of the Chinese Academy of Sciences independently developed the preparation technology of melamine special resin and foam. By studying the factors affecting the structure and performance of melamine foam special resin, the researchers determined the influence of functional monomers and modified monomers on the structure of special resin and the relationship with the performance of foam. The selected foaming agent has excellent performance, environmental protection, and is easy to recycle, which solves the problem of flammability and explosion when pentane is used as foaming agent. In addition, they also designed a special device for recycling foaming agent from tail gas and meeting the emission standard after tail gas treatment, as well as a microwave special foaming equipment matching the special resin and process of the project, formed a complete set of technology with independent intellectual property rights from resin synthesis to foaming process and equipment, and completed a pilot study of 1000 cubic meters/year. On this basis, Chengdu Organic Chemistry and Yulong chemical realized the industrial production of 100000 cubic meters/year melamine foam by optimizing the resin synthesis and foaming process

The application prospect of melamine foam is very broad. According to Wang Gongying, melamine foam not only has excellent flame retardant performance, but also has good heat insulation and sound insulation performance. China has promulgated a series of policies and regulations on building energy conservation, and deployed that the total building energy consumption of the whole society should achieve at least 65% energy conservation by 2020, which provides a huge market space for the melamine foam. If melamine foam can occupy 20% of the current foam market share, the demand for soft melamine foam is about 30million cubic meters/year. In terms of the unit capacity currently in operation, the capacity of Zhongyuan Dahua is 100000 ~ 150000 m3/year. The actual capacity of the 100000 m3/year production line jointly constructed by Chengdu Yulong chemical and Chengdu organic chemistry can reach 150000 ~ 200000 m3/year. At present, the total domestic capacity is about 300000 M3/year, which is far from meeting the domestic market demand

fire protection guard - melamine foam

polyurethane, polystyrene, polyethylene and other foams are widely used in construction, transportation, petrochemical, aviation, electronic failure is inevitable products, household appliances, military industry and other industries with high requirements for flame retardance, sound absorption and heat insulation. These foam are flammable substances. In order to improve the flame retardancy, various flame retardants are added in the production and use process. The addition of flame retardants can be different. Users who have not thoroughly understood the tensile testing machine think that the lower the price of the tensile testing machine, the better to improve its flame retardancy, but it is still easy to catch fire. Once it catches fire, the maximum experimental frequency is/0, and a large number of toxic fumes and drips are produced, resulting in secondary poisoning, injury and environmental pollution. According to statistics, 95% of the casualties in various fire accidents in China are caused by secondary poisoning and toxic smoke suffocation caused by combustion

melamine foam, as a new type of fire-proof material, has outstanding fire resistance. Do not use hard tools to clean the flame. Without adding flame retardant, it can reach the standard of B1 or V0 high flame-retardant materials. When burning, the surface is charred without dripping. The amount of smoke produced is far lower than that of commonly used foam materials such as polyurethane, polystyrene, etc., which can replace the application of polyurethane, polystyrene and other foam plastics in construction, petrochemical and other fields, Prevent the occurrence of fire accidents, secondary disasters and environmental pollution caused by fires

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