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The research and development of supercritical boiler with independent intellectual property rights of Harbin Boiler Co., Ltd. was successful.

recently, the first domestic 350000 kW supercritical boiler independently developed by Harbin Boiler Works Co., Ltd. Huaneng Ruijin power plant unit 1 successfully passed the 168 hour continuous full load trial operation and was officially put into commercial operation. It marks the success of the research and development of supercritical boiler with independent intellectual property rights of Harbin boiler. The rules and regulations of enterprises in the localization of Supercritical Boiler often change with the needs of the management, and have made a major breakthrough, getting rid of the restrictions of imported technology, which is of great significance to the future domestic and foreign market development of Harbin boiler

users spoke highly of the products and services of Harbin boiler. In their good news sent to Harbin Boiler in recent years, they wrote that since the construction of the main project started on April 29, 2007, Huaneng Ruijin power plant and all participating units have taken "building a red boutique project" as the goal, scientific and orderly, racing against time, working together, tenacious, and overcoming numerous difficulties, We have completed the construction of the first 350000 kW supercritical unit in China on schedule. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Harbin Boiler for its help and strong support for the project construction

it is reported that the first 350000 kW supercritical boiler made in China has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The main fuel is lean coal, and the supercritical once through boiler adopts the mode of opposed combustion. In July last year, the overall hydraulic test of the boiler was successful without any leakage. The pressure of a steam water pressure test was 41.4mpa, which is the highest level of hydraulic test pressure among domestic boilers with the same parameters

last year, based on the careful summary of the rich experience of supercritical boiler and tangential combustion mode, through a large number of scientific research and repeated demonstration, Harbin Boiler developed a 600000 kW supercritical boiler technology with tangential combustion spiral coil with completely independent intellectual property rights, which not only filled the domestic gap, but also realized the export of independent products to earn foreign exchange, For the company, next year's life science department will increase our market promotion efforts by participating in industry exhibitions, launching networking seminars, and holding various offline customer activities, which will bring considerable economic benefits and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise

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