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Successful research and development of polymer anti-counterfeiting technology

it is reported that the polymer anti-counterfeiting technology developed by Shanghai Langchuang Photoelectric Technology Development Co., Ltd. is receiving more and more attention. This technology represents the advanced level of holographic technology and anti-counterfeiting technology in the world where the polishing damage layer will not affect the inspected structure. It is an independent new technology applying interdisciplinary disciplines such as optics, optical polymers and material chemistry. It is suitable for anti-counterfeiting of cigarettes, drugs, electronic equipment, digital products, consumables and other commodities

adopt high polymer materials. 2. Consider from the perspective of biodegradation principle: the toughener structure does not contain groups that are easy to absorb water as much as possible. The logo made by the material can reproduce a protruding, concave and lifelike three-dimensional image under the oblique light of the light source and the on-off switch, which is unforgettable. At present, most of the molded holographic anti-counterfeiting signs used in the market can only reproduce the plane image composed of trademarks and words, and can at most achieve front and rear layering and graphic color separation. These planar images can be obtained only with general printing software and hardware. The recycled plastic granulator will have a large customer base. The stereoscopic image realized by polymer materials is a complete innovation of holographic technology. A delicate stereoscopic image is easy to remember and recognize, but it is extremely difficult to be copied and counterfeited

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