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After nearly 60 days of shutdown and transformation, the alkylbenzene combined unit of Jinling Petrochemical produced qualified alkylbenzene and light wax products in early October. 30 years ago, the first large-scale alkylbenzene unit imported from abroad was successfully expanded by domestic technology

after the transformation, the light wax production capacity of the unit will be increased by 50% compared with the previous one, and will reach 210000 tons/year; The production capacity of alkylbenzene will be increased by 30% to 150000 tons/year. At the same time, the energy consumption per unit product is reduced by 20%, all sulfur-containing gases generated in the production process are treated and recycled, and the emission of sulfur dioxide is reduced by about 5000 tons per year

Jinling Petrochemical alkylbenzene combined unit is the first modern large-scale alkylbenzene production unit imported from abroad in the late 1970s. After the successful production of the unit at one time, it will reach the design capacity of 50000 tons of alkylbenzene and 40000 tons of light wax products per year. Alkylbenzene products will account for more than 80% of the domestic market share for 10 years. Over the past 20 years, the company has realized the localization of key technical equipment of alkylbenzene combined plant through four major technical transformations, doubling the output of alkylbenzene and increasing the output of light wax by three times compared with the design output

entering the 21st century, China's demand for light wax products is increasing, and light wax products are facing better development opportunities than single yarn tensile testing. The company continues to take the road of connotation expansion reproduction, using technological transformation that can be repeatedly melted and reprocessed to achieve the goals of increasing production capacity, reducing costs and reducing emissions. The expansion and reconstruction project was officially launched in June this year, adopting the latest domestic energy-saving and emission reduction technology, focusing on eliminating the production "bottleneck" of alkylbenzene combined units, transforming sulfur-containing gas recovery units, and building new environmental protection and emission reduction devices, so as to bring the production capacity and environmental protection level to a new level

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