Successful research on the hottest aerodynamic uni

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Successful research on aerodynamic universal crusher

successful research on aerodynamic universal crusher

September 11, 2003

aerodynamic universal crusher is the latest research success in the field of mechanical crushing of various industrial and agricultural products. It

drives the particles of the crushed material to impact through the circular movement of the machine in the closed crushing chamber and the movement of the air flow with a high-speed internal surface roughness of 0.32,

so as to complete the crushing or crushing requirements of the processed materials. Its processing capacity, scope of application and the characteristics of the processing system greatly exceed the existing crushing machinery. Compared with the traditional hammer and toothed disc crushers, its energy consumption is low. At the same time, it mechanically helps these fast-growing industrial industries to improve efficiency and production. This method is to knead the chemically treated wood pulp into the plastic productivity, improve the profit margin, and adopt the closed crushing shell structure to avoid the cyclone separation device and filtration device necessary for general crushers

I. application scope of universal crusher

1. Food and agricultural products processing industry

2. Processing of livestock feed in breeding industry

3. Industrial production and processing

II. Advantages of universal crusher

1. Higher productivity and less energy consumption

2. The crusher adopts a closed crushing chamber and an indoor air circulation system. This special structure ensures that the crusher

works without cyclone separation and filtration devices, and brings confidence to the extruder enterprise and ensures that the dust of the crushed material does not leak out. The working environment

3. The crushing process and screening process in the crusher are carried out at the same time. The crushing process is divided into two levels at the same time, So as to ensure stable load, low noise and no vibration when the machine works

4. The crusher does not need special installation of foundation and foundation, as long as it is placed on the ground stably

the air powered universal crusher is produced by KFM company in Slovenia, USA. It has five models, which are 2

type, 5, 7, 18 and 31 types respectively, and the supporting power is 2~37 kW. The productivity range of crushed materials is 60 kg, 350 kg, 420 kg, 1500 kg and 3500 kg per


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