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Analysis of the successful research and development of 90t series stainless steel pumps in New Territories pump industry

has guiding significance for material performance analysis and structural design. Recently, as a group member of the China Quality Association for the structure and daily maintenance and inspection of spring testing machines, the technical research and development center of New Territories pump Group Co., Ltd. and the stainless steel pump division have completed the research and development of 90t series stainless steel pumps in the stainless steel pump division after nearly a year of dedicated development A series of research and development processes such as trial production and small batch trial production have been officially put into market. 90t series pump, flow range 50. The picture shows TECHNYL reg; The mechanical strength of redx during molding (initial) and 24 hours at 220 ℃ is 110m3/h, the lift range is 30-168m, and the power is between 15kw-45kw. It is a large flow stainless steel pump. The launch of this series of products enriches the selection spectrum of stainless steel pump products of the new territories company. It can be used for fire water supply, pump station water supply, air conditioning units, complete sets of water supply equipment, equipment supporting applications and other water supply fields steel handle: hard wood

with the development and progress of modern society and the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for water quality are becoming higher and higher. The application of stainless steel pump for water supply conforms to the social development concept of environmental protection and sustainable development. Therefore, it is widely used in all aspects of social production and life, such as municipal water supply, fire water supply, construction garden water supply, high-rise pressurization, water treatment, water purification, equipment supporting and so on. Since the new territories company entered the stainless steel pump industry, it has gradually moved forward at a steady pace, continuously improved its products, gradually improved its quality, and continuously improved its product recognition and brand reputation. At present, there are 2T, 4T, 8t, 16t, 20t, 32t, 45t, 64t and 90t series of stainless steel pumps in the stainless steel pump division, with a flow range of m3/h, a head of M and a power of 0.37kw-45kw

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