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With the improvement of people's living standards, people are more comfortable when decorating their own homes, and the decoration comfort of the bedroom is more related to future life, so every detail needs special attention. Today, I will introduce the four main points of choosing wood flooring in the bedroom

first, when decorating the floor of the bedroom, we must be alert to the pollution of auxiliary materials

research shows that people spend half of their time in the bedroom, and the safety of the bedroom environment is directly related to human health. If the bedroom floor contains excessive harmful gases, people will stay inside for a long time and breathe harmful gases, and their health will be affected, which is not conducive to better sleep and rest

II. The floor of the decorated bedroom should be suitable for the ground

for the bedroom with small space or poor lighting conditions, choosing the light colored floor can make the space look larger and the vision look brighter. For the bedrooms of the elderly and children, choosing warm color floors can make people feel light and comfortable, which is conducive to the improvement of sleep quality. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the color selection

third, choosing the right floor is good.

only choosing the right one can show your good side. If you like a solid and safe home, the flooring that can meet this requirement is of course solid wood flooring of various names. Solid wood flooring has the characteristics of comfortable feet and safe use. It should be noted that only choosing the right one is good

IV. the floor of the bedroom is good, which has the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer

now most people like to install wooden floors in the bedroom, because the wooden floor itself can balance moisture, and it will absorb water, reduce indoor humidity, and make people feel comfortable, especially for the elderly or people who are afraid of cold, if they step on the wooden floor, they will feel warm. If equipped with floor heating, you should also choose a floor with good temperature stability to avoid thermal expansion and contraction and shorten the service life of the floor. Although floor tiles and natural stones have beautiful patterns, they bring people a cold feeling, while wood floors will add a lot of warm feelings to the space





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