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In the eyes of Chinese people, home is not only a residence, but also a spiritual habitat. The deep feelings revealed by the new Chinese style make the soul go deep, just like falling leaves and returning to its roots, to find the ownership of the soul

Zen is a Book of mind, tea is a splash word

meditation is a degree of calm, calm is a clear mind

mind concentration one, very lofty

main background of the living room: landscape embroidery wall painting "to keep lofty" customized version

large area of the living room, stairs: cloud Camel

master bedroom: Mo fan light gray White statue

second bedroom: embroidery painting plum blossom for spring Kaqi

real scene of villa: Changxing Weiyi Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

Huzhou Changxing window of modern home Plaza, No. 519

Lingxiu exclusive shop

home in the eyes of the Chinese people

is not only a residence

but also a spiritual habitat

and the deep feelings revealed by the new Chinese style

make the soul go deep

like falling leaves and returning to their roots

find the ownership of the soul

Zen new Chinese style It is the evolution theory of Oriental life aesthetics, which has been precipitated for thousands of years, It is more emotional

Oriental ink freehand brushwork is mixed with modern simplicity and neatness

except for the tediousness, there is only Zen style and wisdom space

it is a collision and fusion of tradition and modernity

combined with the concept of contemporary minimalist aesthetics

express the pursuit of elegant, implicit, dignified and colorful Eastern way

spiritual realm

can highlight the essence of returning to simplicity

it is a spiritual and temperament.Place of internalization

residence Zen house, quiet time to spend alone

guests visit and treat it with tea

to return life to the most natural state

it has been an elegant thing since ancient times

collar embroidery wall cloth inherits the needlework, color transition and expression of Suzhou embroidery, which is the first of the four famous embroidery, with flexible and lively techniques, rich patterns and a wide range of themes; Taking the manual Suzhou embroidery as the original for plate making, and producing it in an industrialized way, the products are exquisite

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