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"Three parts of the floor, seven parts of the installation" is a popular saying in the flooring industry, which shows that in order to enjoy a stable and comfortable floor, we should not only choose the quality of the floor, but also paving is very important. With the acceleration of people's pace of life, simple and fast paving methods are gradually favored by consumers. In addition to choosing a high-quality floor, people prefer manufacturers to provide convenient and thoughtful paving services

experts remind: how to pave three-layer solid wood composite floor

according to the introduction, the suspension paving method adopted by three-layer solid wood composite floor is easier to master. Many manufacturers provide paving training or supporting paving services for dealers, ensuring the overall quality of the floor from the source of paving. Suspension paving is a paving method that directly paves the floor on the ground with floor mats through the action of geocentric force. It is an economical and environmental friendly paving method

as for the suspension paving method of three-layer solid wood composite floor, there is no need to lay keel under the floor for fixation, and the paving procedure is simple and fast, which not only saves money and paving time, but also avoids the troubles caused by the quality of keel or unqualified installation. Moreover, there is no glue between the mortise and groove of the floor, so the floor as a whole is more environmentally friendly. The suspension paving method also has the functions of detachable, installable, transportable and replaceable. If the floor is inadvertently damaged after paving, it is easy to repair and replace

after mastering the simple paving method of three-layer solid wood composite floor, many consumers may prefer to pave by themselves, but when floor paving, there are also very professional requirements for the temperature and humidity of the living environment and the flatness of the ground. Therefore, consumers had better find a manufacturer to pave, and try to choose the seller and the paver as one manufacturer, so as to ensure that once the floor has problems, There will be no mutual buck passing, so as to achieve double guarantee in terms of floor quality and paving effect

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Mr. Qi: when buying floors, in addition to paying attention to environmental protection, wear resistance and other properties, I heard that we should also pay attention to notches and thickness. What are the effects of notches and thickness of floors on the quality of floors

expert: the standard thickness of laminate flooring should be 8 mm, but there are many 7.5 mm flooring in the market, and most of the 7.5 mm flooring is made of boards with insufficient thickness or bent plates, and most of the bent plates are not dried well or the stress problems have not been solved. Such flooring has hidden quality hazards, and its problems will show up after paving, such as arching, corrugating, etc, The notch length is another way for manufacturers to cut corners on work and materials. Because the ground area is calculated by the width and length of the board, the shorter the notch, the wider the board will be. In this way, he will virtually reduce the cost. If the notch is short, it is easy to make a noise, and the floor will make a squeak when stepping on it




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