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With the rapid development of life science and the innovation and breakthrough of life science and biotechnology, the global life science is booming, and the fields of artificial intelligence, big data and life science are gradually integrated. At the same time, breakthroughs have been made in many fields such as gene technology, stem cell technology and molecular biotechnology, and the development of life and health industry has ushered in unprecedented opportunities. Fortunately, tragedies such as the grenfelta fire are extremely rare, and they also provide huge business opportunities for the development of scientific instrument industry in the fields of life science, biotechnology and diagnosis

gene sequencer has become a popular product in the field of life science instruments

life science includes many sub fields such as molecular biology, bioengineering, cell biology, etc. Among them, gene sequencing has become one of the hottest technologies in the field of life science in recent years. In recent years, gene sequencing has gradually become a hot topic in the global medical community from the laboratory to the clinic, and has formed a "celebrity effect" because of the use of many celebrities. More and more people are familiar with precision medical gene testing solutions. As we all know, apple founder Steve Jobs and movie star Angelina Jolie both used gene sequencing to resist the invasion of cancer. Although Steve Jobs still died of cancer, the whole gene sequencing he received during his lifetime has become a high-end physical examination service pursued by the rich in many countries

so, what is the role of gene sequencer? According to relevant personnel, in addition to human gene sequencing, the sequencer has a wide range of applications, such as medical research, forensic identification, crop research, animal health, food safety and many other fields, which are the stage for the gene sequencer to show its strength. During the development of the sequencer, researchers have gradually improved the disadvantages of long sequencing cycle and high instrument cost. The improved gene Sequencer with new technology has greatly reduced the threshold of genome sequencing, enabling more people to use this technology to develop a variety of applications. Even ordinary people can know their own gene sequence, and use the report of gene sequencing to carry out targeted therapy

cell analyzer provides an important way for life science research

blood cell analysis is an important means to diagnose and identify a variety of diseases, including blood diseases. Traditional blood cell analysis mainly relies on microscopic examination. With the development of molecular biology, immunology and other life sciences, the technology and monitoring methods of modern automatic professional instruments are also making rapid progress. Automatic blood cell analyzer came into being. The automatic blood cell analyzer uses semiconductor laser flow cytometry and sheath flow dynamics technology to analyze cells, which greatly reduces the impact on the visual inspection of the microscope, and greatly improves the detection efficiency

coincidentally, the fully automatic digital (remote) pathological cell analyzer independently developed by Wuhan randing has also successfully broken through the limitations of relying on microscope and human diagnosis experience. It uses artificial intelligence to let the machine automatically detect and learn the identification of cancer cells, precancerous cells and normal cells from millions of samples provided, so that it can finally accurately identify normal cells and cancer cells in the cervix, And has the ability of continuous learning. Compared with traditional manual diagnosis, which has strong subjectivity, low sensitivity, low efficiency and lack of quality control, the automatic analyzer realizes accurate quantitative and objective detection, making the detection more automatic, intelligent, standardized and networking, and providing technical support for life science research

in recent years, automatic cell analysis instruments have been continuously innovated. Flow cytometry and cell counter have begun to enter clinical laboratories and are used by many teaching hospitals. At the same time, stem cell therapeutics are also booming, and are used in the clinical treatment of a variety of diseases. The value of cell analyzer in the field of life science is increasingly prominent. A series of important advances and breakthroughs in biotechnology are accelerating their penetration into the application field, adding impetus to the development of China's life sciences

the government vigorously supports the instrument industry to meet the new window of the market

in combination with the development trend of the global life science field, China pays more attention to the development of life science. 5. It is not allowed to disassemble the machine without authorization. Since the beginning of this year, the Ministry of science and technology, the health and Family Planning Commission, the General Administration of food and drug, the General Administration of sports, the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine and other departments have jointly issued the notice on the special plan for health and health science and technology innovation during the 13th Five Year Plan period, and put forward development goals, key tasks and safeguard measures for health and health science and technology innovation during the 13th Five Year Plan period. It is proposed to "strengthen the research and development of innovative medical devices, promote the quality improvement of medical devices, reduce import dependence and reduce medical costs". At present, plans and opinions on medical device innovation and management are also being developed and improved

in addition, the reform needs of the medical system, the progress of sequencing and analysis technology, and the policy support of "healthy China 2030" have laid a good foundation for the rapid development of China's life sciences, and the demand for relevant instruments and equipment has increased significantly. Spectrometer, chromatograph, gene introduction instrument, protein purification system, cell fusion instrument, electrophoresis instrument, medical atomic absorption spectrometer, virus immunofluorescence analyzer, chromatograph, biochemical analyzer, etc. all provide the latest technology and instrument support for the development of life science industry. At the same time, the current scientific and technological progress in medical treatment and the combined development of medical field and artificial intelligence have also promoted the innovative development in the field of life science. A more important issue in the industry is the large number of toughening agents. People predict that in the next 20 to 30 years, the development of life science will usher in a golden period, which may even exceed the influence of the information industry

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