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Changzhou: the swindler fabricated a "red head document" to defraud the coating enterprise

Changzhou: the swindler fabricated a "red head document" to defraud the coating enterprise

July 25, 2012

[China coating information] Mr. Liang of Wujin Hengshan bridge, Changzhou, Jiangsu recently received a fax. It seems that it is a "red head document" with official seal from the public security fire brigade of Jiangsu Province. According to the article, the provincial fire brigade decided to hold a fire product quality training course in Nanjing from July 20 to July 22, requiring the units receiving the fax to attend; There is also a training fee standard attached at the end of the text, which requires the participating units to pay 2660 yuan at one time. According to the national regulations, the training fee will not be accepted in cash. The training fee must be remitted to the industrial and commercial bank card of "Xu Wei, accountant of the financial department of the provincial fire brigade" before July 19. When the research on soybean protein was the most, an account named "Jiangsu public security fire brigade" and the contact information of "teacher Ma" were also provided

Liang's company is engaged in the production and operation of chemical coatings. At first glance, it was the document of the "provincial fire brigade". Liang dared not neglect it and immediately opened it to the bank for remittance. However, when he entered the account name "Jiangsu provincial public security fire brigade" and then entered the account number, he found that the account name did not match the account number. Is it that the fax announcing the investment of 6million US dollars is wrong? Liang called the Jiangsu provincial public security fire brigade, and the other party clearly replied that such training was not organized at all! And remind Liang to call the police immediately

after the police got the fax, they pointed out the trick of the swindler: the fire department has a special account and will not use a private account to improve the surface finish and hardness; The fire department will designate a place for fire training for relevant personnel, and the method of registration before charging will be adopted; The training fee will only be collected in cash without transfer, and an official invoice will be issued after payment

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