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Liaoyang, Liaoning Province: implementing the "Liaoyang manufacturing 2025" and "interconnection" action plan

Abstract: Taking the "small steel" capacity reduction as an example, Liaoyang City has jointly reorganized three major steel enterprises to further consolidate and upgrade the advantages of the traditional steel industry, so as to enhance the development momentum. Penghui casting industry lost production capacity and invested 1.3 billion yuan to reorganize a new iron and steel enterprise with metal spiral pipe jg/t 3013 ⑼ 4 for prestressed concrete. In the second half of this year, the enterprise realized an output value of nearly 900million yuan

in the cold winter, I came to Liaoyang county to interview Liaoning Huaxin iron and steel group. The receptionist was Wang Zhengyun, deputy general manager of the group. When talking about the capacity reduction, transformation and upgrading of enterprises, Wang Zhengyun was like a treasure. At this time last year, he and his brother wangzhengping, who had been operating Huaxin iron and Steel Group for more than ten years, demolished 8 medium frequency furnaces, 6 continuous casters, transformers and other equipment worth more than 60million Yuan due to capacity loss. "It hurts. There's no way. The national policy doesn't allow it. If you don't pick it, you have to pick it." Wang Zhengyun said

all the equipment has been dismantled, and the small steel can no longer dry. He and his brother started precision casting again and started the business of forklift counterweight iron. This year, under the coordination of the main leaders of the Organization Department of the provincial Party committee, they married with the expert team of Northeast University to establish Huaxin iron and Steel General Technology Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. with an investment of 500million yuan to establish five sub centers to accelerate the pilot test and promotion of the latest iron and steel smelting technology by means of production, learning, research and application. Now, wangzhengyun is in a good mood and confident

Wang Zhengyun's experience has witnessed the mental process of Liaoyang City in recent years to fully promote the supply side structural reform, resolve excess steel production capacity, change the development mode and cultivate new development momentum. This year alone 1. The number of experimental fixtures used in special industries increased: Liaoyang City eliminated the steel production capacity of 4.46 million tons and the cement production capacity of 1.34 million tons, and closed the coal mine with an annual output of 50000 tons

in the process of resolving excess capacity, Liaoyang city insists on "stability". For the closed "small steel", small cement, coal and other enterprises, we will encourage them to transform into the real economy. Taking the "small iron and steel" capacity reduction as an example, Liaoyang City has jointly restructured three major iron and steel enterprises to further consolidate and upgrade the advantages of the traditional iron and steel industry, so as to enhance the driving force for development. Penghui cast lost production capacity and invested 1.3 billion yuan to restructure a new iron and steel enterprise. In the second half of this year, the enterprise realized an output value of nearly 900million yuan

aim at emerging industries, constantly enhance new driving forces for development and stimulate new vitality. Liaoyang city gives play to the "main support" role of large enterprises and groups, and pays close attention to the construction of two 100 billion yuan industrial bases of aromatics, fine chemicals and aluminum alloy deep processing. The Liaohua Rosneft efficiency improvement project with an investment of 5.265 billion yuan is being implemented and will be put into operation in September next year; The aluminum alloy deep processing project with a total investment of 60.2 billion yuan by Zhongwang group has been partially put into operation, and the annual output value after full production can reach 100 billion yuan; Equipment manufacturing and auto parts can begin. The industrial cluster of experimental parts is growing. Nine national modern agriculture demonstration areas (belts) have a total area of 410000 mu. Six e-commerce bases have settled 205 enterprises. Hot spring town and fur town have become national characteristic towns. The high tech Zone has risen to the 94th place in the country. The new energy electric vehicle drive motor and other projects invested by the mass entrepreneurship and innovation industrial park with RMB 2.5 billion will be completed and put into operation next year. The first overseas (German) R & D center in the city has been built, and two national R & D teams have been introduced

implement the innovation driven strategy and cultivate new drivers of development. This year, Liaoyang City successively issued a series of documents, such as the implementation opinions on implementing the innovation driven development strategy and building a strong city with science and technology, and several policies on accelerating scientific and technological innovation, to encourage enterprises to make technological innovation and develop new products. At the same time, the "Liaoyang manufacturing 2025" and "Internet +" action plans were implemented to accelerate the integration of industry and information technology, improve quality and move towards the middle and high end. At the same time, we will actively seek new economic growth points, innovate the financial financing mode, promote the implementation of a number of major projects that complement weaknesses, ignite bright spots and build strong support points, and help enterprises raise 13billion yuan. This year, the added value of industries above Designated Size in Liaoyang reached 20billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7%

Liaoyang city also pays close attention to project construction to enhance the new driving force for development. This year alone, Liaoyang has started 96 projects with more than 100 million yuan and completed an investment of 14 billion yuan. At the same time, it issued a new round of preferential policies for investment promotion, signed investment agreements with giant enterprises such as China combustion, China nuclear power and Huawei for more than 40 billion yuan, attracted 15billion yuan of investment, and introduced 3.3 billion yuan of social capital through PPP mode. Annual solid 4 The fixed asset investment of cement mortar mixer reached 20.3 billion yuan, and continued to maintain the growth momentum

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