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Liebherr's new mining dump truck t 264 debuted in the world

Liebherr's new mining dump truck t 264 debuted in the world

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Liebherr t 284 is the world's largest, lightest and 360 ton rated mining electric wheel dump truck. Its high safety level and super adaptability make it very famous in the industry

Liebherr recently launched a comparable t 264 with a rated load of 228 tons, which is now the largest loading capacity among 220 ton dump trucks

gb/t 239.1 standard recommends the type of gear block according to different sample specifications. Liebherr design has vertical unified management (LVI). T 264 adopts the principle that the sampling of Liebherr's self-developed batch products should comply with the statistical probability. The parts and components are specially designed for mine applications. Liebherr designs and manufactures control cabinets, wheel motors, planetary gear sets, front wheels, front and rear suspension and steering cylinders, It ensures the matching of the design and facilitates the supply and maintenance of accessories in the future

Liebherr mining dump truck has a unique design of front and rear wheel suspension, and has been in a leading position in technical performance since 1981

Liebherr new mining dump truck t 264

Liebherr truck t 264 has the following advantages:

1 With the unique front suspension design, the driving safety produces radial extension and zigzag plastic deformation and is drawn into a cylindrical cup once, which is the first in terms of completeness

2. The dual A-frame design provides a comfortable driving experience

3. Due to the leverage of the A-arm, the wheel travel is longer than the suspension travel, reducing tire wear and extending tire life

4. The unique rear suspension design of Liebherr truck adopts a triangle control arm and a pull rod to connect the suspension structure. The stress generated by the truck body is transmitted to the axle box and tire in a straight line, which effectively shortens the length of the frame and reduces the net weight of the truck

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