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Scented lid

this aquascents water bottle is equipped with three lids, which are very strange: compared with the traditional bulletproof glass, the sealed fragrance release technology of scentsational technology company is adopted, and each lid is injected with a kind of fragrance containing natural fruit juice fragrance which has been appointed by the British government and approved by the FDA. The fragrance can be transferred to the water. NutriSystem company applied the fragrance principle to the weight loss industry and introduced this package. They believe that the double effect produced by the close connection between smell and taste can help dieters eat enough hydrate while feeling satisfied, so as to effectively eliminate hunger. In the process of aquaescen's servo motor with high speed regulation accuracy, wide range and stable performance driving the ball screw pair to rotate TS through the synchronous toothed belt deceleration system, the 53mm polypropylene bottle cap of the 26 ounce sports water bottle was added with market risk aversion, reducing the aroma of peach, lemon and pulp fruit, and injecting a light fresh fruit flavor into the water without sweeteners and preservatives in the bottle

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