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Life: just crazy about heavy trucks Guide: a straightforward Sichuan man, a former truck driver, and now the boss of a logistics company, in his life, the function of the truck has undergone a qualitative transformation. I got married by chance, but it was like fate. The truck field race broadcast live by CCTV on TV attracted all my attention

a straightforward Sichuan man, a former truck driver and now the boss of a logistics company, has experienced a qualitative change in the functions of trucks in his life

I got married accidentally, but it was like fate.

"the truck field race broadcast by CCTV on TV attracted all my attention. After the program was broadcast, I inquired about the contact information of the card race organizing committee, and registered my name in the fastest way." Li Yang, the competitor of Chengdu Economic Development Zone team, talked about the scene of getting married with Kasai, just like what happened yesterday. As the boss of Sichuan Haitian logistics, Li Yang is in high spirits when talking about heavy trucks. He is full of love for heavy trucks

this rule only applies to the fault of single 1. On May 14, 2008, Li Yang, who participated in the competition for the first time, achieved the third best result. Now he looks back on the game at that time with boundless emotion. At that time, he was in a state of ignorance, but he won the first honor in the competition with his love for heavy trucks and his good sense of driving. By chance, Li Yang was destined to walk with the truck movement in his life

rising star of cross-country race

in 2009, the national super truck cross-country race ushered in a new chapter, and China's Centennial cross-country dream of heavy trucks was finally realized. Li Yang and three other good players formed the Chengdu Economic Development Zone team to participate in China's top event - Shaanxi Automobile Cup 2009 National Super truck cross country competition. I was asked if I had any experience to introduce to other teammates when I was asked about the individual champion of the Shandong Xuecheng sub station of the national super truck cross-country race despite my short participation time, The Sichuan man said simply: "Our race results in Yulin and Shanxi were not ideal, and we were able to win back the championship in Shandong. In addition to our own sense of car and the continuous accumulation of tactics, we were able to finish the race safely and achieve good results, which was mainly supported by good racing cars. The golden racing car provided by Shaanxi Automobile Group helped me achieve excellent results. In the face of the well-designed, complex and changeable track of the organizing committee, Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck did not fail, which Is what surprises us most. I have participated in other competitions, and there are often car faults, which make us unable to finish the race. This regulation is very fair and puts forward high requirements for the drivers' driving skills. The winner must be the common victory of people and cars. "

truck is his silent friend

taking part in the Shaanxi Automobile Cup 2009 National Super truck cross-country competition has had an important impact on Li Yang's life. "Competition is a process of enjoyment." This is Li Yang's favorite word when he mentioned the feeling of racing. He also took the competition process as the best way to release his passion and express his feelings. He likes the feeling of galloping and flying in his car. All the troubles in life are thrown away with speed and power

apart from the busy work of the logistics company every day, Li Yang gave all his spare time to his car. He likes Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck and likes to play games with this heavy 12 ton guy. From Li Yang's point of view, this simple guy is very much like himself. He has a will to never admit defeat

although Li Yang now has the conditions that he no longer needs to run logistics and transportation himself, whenever Li Yang is upset when he encounters something unpleasant in business and management, he will drive a transport vehicle alone for a long distance to relive the past days of sharing weal and woe with his car. Driving on the long road, the sense of happiness lags far behind the hard feeling of the long journey. He said that he could have a better understanding of the real life and feelings of truck drivers among his company's employees by taking a long trip. After more than a month of long-distance turbulence, Li Yang was often able to return to the company easily and happily. His troubles were gone. The whole portrait had undergone a thorough baptism

Li Yang spoke highly of his impression on the national super truck cross-country race. The high standard and professional track ensure the high-end and authority of Kasai. High quality racing cars, excellent racers, extensive publicity and super high ratings ensure the appreciation and excitement of the competition. More importantly, for Li Yang, the truck has transformed from a money making machine to a happy machine

his team in Chengdu Economic Development Zone has always ranked first with leading results, with a fair structure. Apart from everyone's rich racing experience, the unity of several comrades in arms is the most important factor in achieving such good results. Frequent communication, repeated communication and continuous running in are the important cornerstones for their success. The mentality of the competition is also important. The four comrades in arms put the competition enthusiasm first and the competition results second. Such a relaxed state of mind makes their performance stable and far ahead. I think this is what other teams should keep in mind and learn from

I've been crazy about trucks all my life.

I didn't want to insert willows into the shade. The more you don't aim to win a prize, the more you have a chance to win. Li Yang's Chengdu Economic Development Zone team really lived up to the expectations of the public. It continued to perform bravely in the 2025 Longquanyi finals and steadily won the annual gold award of 100000 yuan during this period. Li Yang was very excited about this. He said that although his personal expenses had already exceeded 100000 yuan for this year's super card race, the reward of 100000 Yuan made him happier than the 1million yuan he earned in business. Next year, he will continue to make persistent efforts to achieve better results. At the same time, he also hopes to have the opportunity to drive Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck to appear in the Dakar Rally and put his truck dream on a longer track

"truck is my only interest" came out of Li Yang's mouth, which is true enough. "I've been crazy about trucks all my life" is shocking enough. But this is by no means a bluff. The figure and footprints left by Li Yang and the car on every track are perfect witnesses

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