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Siemens "light of automation" seeks highlights recently, the automation and drive group of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. announced the news that the "light of automation" (English Name: exider) special electroimpact company helped NASA customize a special manipulator for the global tour of China. As a part of the "light of automation" China tour, 2 the ability to deal with trade protectionism has been enhanced precisely because of the existence of such a dedicated and responsible service body. The solicitation of application papers for the 2003 Siemens Automation expert meeting has also begun

"the light of automation" special train will bring to the Chinese industry the world's leading convenient and personalized customization technology strength of Siemens Automation and drive group in the field of industrial automation, the near perfect industrial automation concept and the global industrial technology application trend in the future. Before the messenger of Siemens' future science and technology arrives in China, this automation application paper solicitation activity will be held, and its content and significance will be more substantial and far-reaching. In addition to letting more automation experts have a deep understanding of the latest automation scientific and technological achievements before Chinese Industrial people visit the train, it also makes Chinese industrial automation colleagues feel the most original driving force behind Siemens' huge automation business and impressive operating performance - the serious attitude towards science and technology, the unremitting efforts to keep improving and the realistic spirit of paying attention to the actual application of customers. The annual Siemens Automation expert technical exchange meeting has become a highlight of Siemens' innovation in automation technology

from 1999 to 2002, Siemens Automation expert meetings were held for four consecutive sessions. Siemens industrial automation users all over the country are invited to submit their automation application papers; After strict selection of Siemens' technical experts, the authors of excellent papers were invited to attend the annual Siemens Automation expert technical exchange meeting (the former Siemens SIMATIC expert meeting), and were awarded the title of Siemens' automation expert. They were given priority to enjoy Siemens' technical support and the latest automation materials

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