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Enlightenment from the transformation and upgrading of LED industry in Qingshanhu District, Nanchang City, lighting up the "light of Nanchang" on December 14, 2017, the list of top 100 industrial counties (cities) and districts in China was released, and only Nanchang County and Qingshanhu District in Jiangxi were listed. This is the first release of China's top 100 industrial zones. Qingshanhu district has become the first China's top 100 industrial zones in Jiangxi, ranking 66th on the list of top 100 industrial zones

in the cold winter, when you enter LVYE automobile lighting workshop, you will see a hot scene: the staff are busy with the manufacturing processes of LED lamps such as mold opening, coating and aluminum plating... LVYE automobile lighting is the first LED automobile lighting project officially put into production in "Nanchang Optics Valley", and also the first new energy automobile LED lamp project in China. It is the only one that uses silicon substrate LED as the light source at present, In addition, the error of speed control is relatively large under low conditions, and the lamp project of silicon substrate semiconductor technology application, marketization and production has been realized

"there is not much industry in the whole line from LED R & D and design to module and vehicle. We are the first company that can open up the whole industry chain." Xubo, general manager of Jiangxi LVYE Automobile Lighting Co., Ltd., introduced that LVYE automobile lighting and LED automobile headlights have realized the independent design, R & D and production of the whole domestic process, breaking the previous dilemma of relying on imports for LED automobile modules, and the price is expected to be 20-30% cheaper than imported light source products

with the rapid promotion of new energy vehicles, by 2025, the global output will reach 100million vehicles, and the front loading market will be switched between 40% and 50%, with a broad market prospect. Since the mass production of LVYE auto lamps in November last year, it has signed contracts with famous manufacturers such as Jiangling, JAC, Zhidou, chehejia, BAIC and so on. The industrialization of LVYE automotive lighting has established an industrial form in Qingshan Lake District dominated by LED midstream packaging and downstream applications, and further extended the LED industrial chain of "Nanchang Optical Valley"

Qingshanhu district was once a traditional strong industrial area. With the eastward expansion of the city and the contraction of labor-intensive industries, the potential energy supporting the industrial development of Qingshan Lake District has gradually weakened, and the pressure to move forward with load is increasing

the Qingshanhu district Party committee and the district government sized up the situation, took promoting the development of strategic emerging industries as an important starting point to enhance the "secondary industry", and took the two leading industries of electronic information (LED) and knitted clothing as the power engine to drive the traditional advantageous industries such as food, medicine, metallurgy and building materials to develop towards large-scale, refined and high-end urban industries

in Nanchang electronic information (LED) industry innovation demonstration park, modern garden like plants are scattered, and the plants not far away are under construction. "We visited several cities across the country. Nanchang electronic information (LED) industry innovation demonstration park built by Qingshan Lake Changdong industrial zone has ready-made plants and mature industrial chains. All conditions meet our needs and can be settled with our bags." Lifensheng, deputy general manager of Jiangxi alite Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., said, "it took only more than two months for our phase I project from negotiation to production. It is preliminarily estimated that the cost of 20million yuan has been saved, allowing our products to enter the market one step ahead of others. Since it was put into production in November last year, it has been producing at full capacity 24 hours a day, and the relevant supporting product parks of the enterprise have solved the problem locally. At present, more than half of our products are exported to European and American markets."

in September, 2014, Shenzhen zhaochi optoelectronics, the first electronic information (LED) packaging enterprise in Nanchang, has been settled and put into operation in Qingshanhu district. Since then, Qingshanhu district has successively introduced many large optoelectronic enterprises, such as alite optoelectronics, Huaxia Guangcai, pinmei technology, etc; The number of LED packaging production lines has increased from 100 in 2014 to more than 700 now, and the production capacity has doubled every year. This year, with the addition of 1000 production lines in Shenzhen zhaochi, the dominant position of LED packaging in Nanchang will be further expanded. In the future, the LED industry in Qingshanhu district will be covered, and the biggest obstacle for carbon fiber lightweight composites to enter the Chinese automobile market is the rapid mass production technology. She hopes that with the help of the lack of Dongfeng Technology and the lack of professional utilization skills and knowledge visited by President Xi, the whole industry chain of upstream chips, midstream packaging, brackets, glue and downstream display lighting will become more apparent

since the beginning of this year, Qingshanhu district has focused on the strategic positioning of "high-tech leading zone, electronic information manufacturing agglomeration zone and 'integration of industrialization and industrialization' demonstration zone", highlighted the three major industrial development priorities of green lighting, automotive electronics, software and information technology services, and built the electronic information industry into an important strategic pilot and pillar industry in the region. Strive to become the second largest industrial cluster with over 30billion yuan in the region after the knitwear and garment industry by 2020, and strive to build a "Qingshan Lake model" of "Nanchang Optical Valley"

it is reported that since 2017, Qingshan Lake District has successively held a centralized signing ceremony for "Nanchang Optical Valley" LED industry investment projects, a "Nanchang Optical Valley" Summit Forum and Qingshan Lake District electronic information industry investment promotion conference, as well as a centralized signing of projects in 2017. A total of 29 projects were signed at the conference, with a total signing amount of more than 25billion yuan and more than 200 invited businessmen

it is understood that Qingshanhu district has made every effort to promote the construction of Nanchang electronic information (LED) Industrial Innovation Demonstration Park, China (Jiangxi) knitted garment Creative Industrial Park, small and micro Industrial Park and other "Parks therefore in the park" around the three industrial clusters of electronic information, knitted garment and e-commerce. In the park, complete production and living supporting services will be provided, and dormitory buildings, canteens, shopping areas, entertainment areas, leisure places, Executive Apartments, etc. will be gradually built in place

"this mode enables enterprises to reduce non productive investment and invest time and capital in the main business of R & D, production and marketing. We welcome it very much." The person in charge of enterprises in Qingshanhu district said one after another

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