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Light industry: go global

the current situation of China's light industry is mixed. As far as the listed companies are concerned, the medium-term performance growth of the paper industry is expected to be better this year, while the household appliance industry has been in a downturn since the great landslide of Changhong in Sichuan and the loss of Kelon Electric appliance

in view of the problems existing in light industry, the tenth five year plan puts forward that the contribution rate of technological progress in light industry will reach about 50%, and the main technical equipment in key industries will reach the international level in the 1990s; We will adjust the organizational structure of enterprises, increase the concentration of production in industries such as household appliances and papermaking, and form a number of large enterprises or enterprise groups. Increasing the scale and grade will help light industrial enterprises to improve their economies of scale and profitability

listed household appliance companies have formed a large group in the securities market. In recent years, the industry has fallen into a price war, and the gross profit margin of products has decreased. Some enterprises find that increasing market share alone cannot completely solve the problem. Relevant market research shows that since 1998, the operating expenses of listed household appliance companies have increased by more than 20% annually, and the management expenses have increased by about 10%. Like termites, the price war is devouring the profits of listed household appliance companies, so that the sales revenue and main business profits generally increase, but the operating profits decrease instead of increase. In 2014, the carbon fiber composite material market for aircraft was 454.9 billion yen (about 23.7 billion yuan). If the listed electric company wants to get rid of the current dilemma, the way out lies in both scale and grade. In this regard, Kelon Electric Appliance, Sichuan Changhong, yuemeidi and other companies have taken action. Kelon Electric established a special product R & D department in the third quarter of last year. It planned the product line in 2001 according to the consumer demand and Market Research Report. On the premise of improving the product hit rate, it reduced the number of varieties by 60%, greatly saving the comprehensive cost of products put into the market in the future. Sichuan Changhong takes technology as the "pioneer" to challenge foreign brands. Now it has the ability to produce "precision imaging" color TV sets with independent movement, and has launched a new round of high-level technology competition with Panasonic, Sony, Philips and other international giants

the development of the paper industry is highlighted in the "Tenth Five Year Plan" of light industry, which requires the paper industry to improve production concentration and strive for international famous brands. There are 14 Listed Companies in the paper industry in Shanghai and Shenzhen, with good overall performance, including many blue chip stocks. At present, the domestic paper industry is facing the expanding consumption on the one hand, but on the other hand, it is struggling to produce. The contradiction between supply and demand is acute, so it has to import a large amount of paper every year. Take paper as an example. Last year, the actual domestic demand was 1.6 million tons, while the paper output was only 1.4 million tons. There is a big gap in paper, especially in high-grade paper. The shortage of funds is the bottleneck restricting the development of the paper industry. In this regard, the listed companies in the paper industry have relative advantages. For example, the growth rate of Chenming Paper's main business in the past two years has reached 60.74% and 40.18% respectively. Last year, it raised 1.456 billion yuan through the issuance of B shares and a shares, and invested 153000 tons of high-end copper plate for high-speed sampling; Paper project, a stock raising investment project, is a national key technological transformation project. After completion, it will alleviate the situation that China's high-grade coated paper is mainly dependent on imports, and save or even create a large amount of foreign exchange for the country

the Tenth Five Year Plan for light industry emphasizes that efforts should be made to cultivate and develop emerging industries with great market potential and high product added value, such as household appliances, plastics, household chemicals, interior decoration, packaging and decoration printing, stationery and sports goods; Actively adopt high and new technologies to transform and upgrade traditional light industries such as leather, lighting appliances, daily silicate, metal products, daily machinery, etc. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, listed companies will become the pioneers of light industry in terms of "scale and grade". Shanghai Jiahua, Shanghai Meilin, Shanghai white cat and other local light industry listed companies in Shanghai have established municipal technology development centers. Among the newly listed Shanghai Jiahua stock raising funds this year, 51million yuan was used to invest in the expansion project of the technology center. After completion, more than 100 new products can be developed every year, which will increase the sales revenue of the enterprise by about 300million yuan

during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, China's light industry will further open to the outside world, establish and improve an open economic system for light industry, and actively implement the internationalization strategy of "going global". In recent years, home appliance listed companies have highlighted the "going out" strategy, and foreign exchange earning through export has become a new profit growth point for many companies. For example, last year, the export of small household appliances of Yuemei a increased by 36% year-on-year. Dishwashers are mainly sold overseas, and products appear in almost every European market. Qingdao Haier has become an international brand. According to the statistics of the American household appliance manufacturers association, 183-266 liter Haier refrigerators accounted for 35.88% of the U.S. market share from January to September last year. China's accession to the WTO is imminent, and the "going out" of light industry is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. China's entry into WTO will enlarge the overseas market space of light industrial products, and the elimination of various trade barriers will help light industrial products move towards the international market

from the positive pole to the battery cell to the whole vehicle system to the echelon utilization, the "amazing" achievements have opened a new chapter in China Pakistan Relations, and then to the statement on raw material recycling:

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