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The tax-free policy of printing machine import should be appropriately adjusted

at the end of the last century, in view of the situation of high-end printing equipment manufacturing industry, the state implemented the tax-free import policy for sheet fed lithographic printing machines with a printing speed of more than 15000 sheets/hour and Web lithographic printing machines with a printing speed of more than 60000 sheets/hour. At that time, these high-end equipment were still in the trial production stage in China, This measure has played an important role in the technological transformation and rapid development of China's printing industry, undertaken by Hunan University of technology

however, in the printing industry, printing speed is not the only factor to assess the advantages and disadvantages of printing machines. For offset printing machines imported duty-free according to speed, the printing speed is generally about 85%. Stable and reliable printing quality, less failure rate and high automation level are the indicators that users are most concerned about. These are the problems of domestic printing equipment, which leads to the important reasons for the high level of imported equipment

the change of situation promotes policy adjustment

but up to now, the two kinds of equipment, sheet fed lithography press and web lithography press, have made significant progress in China, which belong to the change of detection nature. Sheet fed lithography multi-color presses of various specifications have been able to produce in batch, and the printing speed has reached the target of 12000~15000 sheets/hour; In addition to the double width specifications, web lithography presses of various specifications have reached the scale of mass production. The printing speed of small web lithography presses has reached 45000 sheets/hour, and the printing speed of medium-sized Web lithography presses has reached 70000-75000 sheets/hour, which can fully meet the needs of the domestic market

nevertheless, the import of offset printing machines remains high. It does not rule out that during the implementation of duty-free import, there have been tax frauds in which the printing speed did not reach 15000 sheets/hour and a large number of imports. We know that web lithography presses can be divided into small, medium and large ones in terms of specifications. The statistics of newspaper printing volume are based on folio. The printing cylinder of small web lithography press can only print one newspaper once it rotates, the printing cylinder of medium-sized Web lithography press can print two newspapers once it rotates, and the printing cylinder of large web lithography press can print four newspapers once it rotates. The printing speed of Web lithography press is 60000 pieces/hour, which refers to medium-sized press. However, when importing such equipment, small web lithography machines with a printing speed of 30000-40000 sheets/hour with double paper rolls (also known as double paper paths) also use this policy to import a large number. There is also a small web lithographic press with the printing department and the paper feeding department in the same unit, which is also imported by taking advantage of this policy, seriously disrupting the domestic printing equipment market and bringing great impact to the domestic printing machinery manufacturing enterprises

the author believes that with regard to the duty-free import of web commercial printing presses, first, the tax-free policy issued by the state does not include this high-tech product developed in recent years, and a new policy should be formulated for import. Second, China has begun to produce web commercial printing machines. If the equipment introduced by the two enterprise groups to the market in 2000 is not mature enough, it can fully meet the market requirements today, which has been launched into a series to the market. Nowadays, these two enterprise groups can produce horizontal, vertical, commercial, semi commercial and web commercial printing machines with different formats. The printing paper specifications are 880mm, 890mm, 965mm, etc. the printing speed has reached 40000 sheets/hour, and small batch exports have also been realized. The unit configuration of this equipment is also based on the practice of international famous brand manufacturers to achieve international procurement, such as the purchase of the secondary tension control system, drying equipment, cooling system, silicon adding device and environmental protection treatment equipment of French MEGTEC company (the main auxiliary machine supplier of international web commercial printing machine), and the zero speed automatic paper feeder adopts the products of American Butler and other companies

In addition, after entering the WTO, the tariff policy of the national customs is still a powerful barrier to protect domestic enterprises. Just as Europe and the United States have implemented quota management and high tariff policies on Chinese textiles to protect their own interests, the policy of duty-free import of printing equipment should also be adjusted to promote the healthy development of domestic printing industry and printing machinery manufacturing enterprises

some suggestions

according to the current situation of the rapid development of the printing industry, especially the declining trend of the labor price of the printing industry, it has reflected the industrial characteristics of printing supply exceeding demand. The fact that the state has included the printing industry in the key industries of macro-control shows that the tax exemption policy of offset printing machines implemented for many years should be adjusted, and a higher tax exemption threshold should be set, with relevant technical requirements attached

in view of the adjustment of the import tax exemption policy of new printing equipment, I put forward the following suggestions for the reference of insiders

1. In order to promote the industrialization process of the printing industry and support the integration of large printing enterprise groups and publishing groups, the import line of the printing speed of the sheet fed lithographic press can be set at 16000 sheets/hour, and certain technical restrictions can be set, such as the printing format of the equipment is more than 920mm, and a digital interface is set, which can accept direct plate making and corresponding technical data

2. The small web lithography press has met the domestic market demand, and there is no need to set up an import duty-free line. The medium-sized newspaper printer is in the stage of small batch production in China. It is suggested that the printing speed can be temporarily set at 70000 pieces/hour at this stage. The large web lithographic press has not been produced by enterprises in China, and the tax exemption policy set for its import can be set without the limitation of printing speed

3. A new import duty-free line should be set up for web commercial lithographic presses to promote the growing market demand for such equipment. The printing speed import line is set at 45000 sheets/hour. This kind of equipment is mainly used for color printing of coated paper

4. With the acceleration of the digitalization process in China, the policy of duty-free import should be set for digital plate making, digital printing equipment and highly integrated online post press processing equipment, so as to promote the digitalization process of printing enterprises, and printing machinery manufacturing enterprises should set foot in the field of digital equipment manufacturing as soon as possible

5. In order to promote the technological progress of printing machinery, which can sometimes be called as avoiding the continuous collapse of the structure, tax-free import lines should be established for large enterprises and high-tech products to overcome the unfair competition caused by the tax-free policy of offset printing machines and the high tariffs on imported printing machinery supporting products, which has seriously damaged the market position of manufacturing enterprises. The imported tax-free supporting products include: shaftless drive, laser inkjet head, plate making laser head, gas drying oven, zero speed automatic paper feeder, secondary tension control system, silicon adding device, automatic registration system, special bearings for printing machines, etc

6. Although the state has taken effective control measures for the import of second-hand paper, it has not completely eliminated illegal import channels, especially the sheet fed multi-color lithographic printing machines with less than four openings (including four openings). More than ten domestic enterprises have started mass production, which can fully meet the market demand, so there is no need to import second-hand equipment

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