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Introduction to the production technology and quality requirements of paper tableware

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paper tableware is the same as other tableware. The prerequisite for its product quality is that it must comply with the physical and chemical provisions of gb11680 hygienic standard for raw materials for food packaging, and must not contain toxic and harmful substances such as fluorescent brighteners. Secondly, it must meet the performance requirements and general technical indicators in the process of use, That is, the waterproof and oil-proof performance of the product should ensure that there is no liquid penetration at a certain temperature and within a certain time, and there is no serious deformation under a certain number of stacks. At the same time, microbiological and toxicological tests must meet the requirements. Paper tableware packaging has enough safety. Today, China paper industry will show you the relevant contents

according to the quality requirements of paper tableware, the structure of white paperboard coated PE 2.5 monitors the experimental process: the experimental force, displacement, curve and other parameters in the experimental process can be displayed in real time. Relying on the original advantages alone can no longer meet the tightening cost in the modern trade process. It can be divided into two types: paper jam and sandwich paper jam

cardboard base paper is usually made of 100% imported bleached wood paddles, which is characterized by beautiful and comfortable appearance and good performance

the sandwich cardboard base paper structure is considered to be redesigned based on the basic national conditions that China is a large agricultural country with few forest resources and lack of wood paddles, mainly due to the high import price from abroad. The upper and lower layers (surface and bottom) of the paper use imported bleached wood paddles to ensure that the paper still has a certain whiteness and comfortable appearance without using fluorescent brighteners. The middle layer (core layer) of paperboard can be replaced by some domestic raw materials with low price. In this way, the paper can not only greatly reduce the use of imported bleached wood paddles, but also greatly reduce the production cost of products under the condition of meeting the hygienic standard of food packaging base paper and other quality requirements

by coating the surface of paper with a layer of non-toxic and harmless PE to achieve the waterproof oil performance of paperboard and the ability of liquid penetration is the most commonly used method at present. PE not only makes the paperboard have reliable waterproof performance, but also acts as an indispensable adhesive in the process of box making, which greatly simplifies the box making process. In addition, the base paper and PE film can be used by using the method of PE coating. Now, the method of coating PE on the surface of white paperboard is used abroad (double-sided coating PE)

no matter the method of coating PE on the surface of the paper or the method of coating hydrophobic agent, only one side of the paper needs to be coated or coated. Because the inner layer of the lunch box is in direct contact with food, pigment coating can be used to achieve certain waterproof and oil-proof characteristics. Because the cost of pigment coating is lower than that of film coated PE, and the sales service network is all over the world, pigment coating can be completed at the same time in the process of operating the base paper, which greatly simplifies the production process. Especially, the paper coated with pigment has good printability as long as the metal material cannot be set to return automatically. Compared with the special process technology required for printing on PE film, its popularity and versatility are stronger. In this way, it not only reduces the production cost, but also facilitates the printing operation, and the printing of paper tableware is its biggest advantage

the prerequisite for the quality of special cardboard products is that they must meet the hygienic standard of base paper for food packaging, and the detection of fluorescent substances must be qualified. This does not seem to be a difficult problem, as long as we pay attention not to add fluorescent substances such as fluorescent brighteners in the production process

there are many kinds of paper reinforcing agents, and the problems that need special attention are also the requirements of food hygiene, which must be non-toxic and harmless. There are also many methods of reinforcement, which can be added in the pulp or sprayed on the paper machine; It can be added in one size or several different sizes at the same time; You can use one additive alone or several additives at the same time. In short, the principle of adding additives is to significantly improve the stiffness of paperboard without affecting the operation of paper machine and ensuring normal production on the premise of ensuring that food hygiene standards are up to standard

besides the positive and negative surfaces of the paper, the water and oil resistance of the paper can not be ignored

the most basic requirement for coating a layer of PE or coating a layer of hydrophobic agent on the surface of paperboard is coating or coating

generally, the appearance quality, internal quality, box making performance and use performance of the special paperboard for fast food boxes produced after various technical measures are up to and close to the level of imported paper

in the long run, environmental protection is a long-term basic national policy of our country. Therefore, it is the general trend to replace plastic tableware with paper tableware. Its market potential is very huge, and its promotion and application prospects must be very broad

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